Are You Doing Enough To Age-Proof Your Looks?

Are You Doing Enough To Age-Proof Your Looks?

Are You Doing Enough To Age-Proof Your Looks?

Eternal youth may be an impossible dream, but there are steps you can take to look and feel younger for longer. Your lifestyle and the choices you make can have a major bearing on how well you age, so are you doing enough to age-proof your looks? If you’re eager to freeze time, here are some simple changes to make now.

Drink more water

You may have noticed that your skin tends to bear the brunt of failing to drink enough. If you’re dehydrated, your skin may look dull and drab, and it may feel dry and flaky. Hydration is essential for good health, so try and ensure that you take 2 liters of water on board every day. If you find it hard to drink enough, carry a water bottle around with you and make it your mission to take regular sips throughout the day. If you’re dehydrated, this will affect your looks, but it will also increase the risk of aches and pains and tiredness and lethargy.

Get more sleep

How many hours of sleep do you get on a regular night? If you’re not sleeping for around 6-8 hours per night on a regular basis, you may find that your skin ages faster. When you sleep, your skin cells undergo important processes, which keep your complexion looking smooth, radiant and youthful. Studies show that people who don’t sleep well are more likely to experience premature skin aging than those who enjoy good quality sleep. If you’re not sleeping, adjust your routine, consider buying a new mattress and make sure your bedroom is a calm and tranquil space. If you need more information about which mattress would be best for you, for example, if you’re looking for an option that is suited to those with back pain, you may find online reviews helpful. Often, we don’t get enough sleep because we don’t prioritize rest. If you’re guilty of watching TV into the early hours or checking emails in bed when you should be snoozing, set a time to get to bed every night, leave your phone in a different room and focus on resting and unwinding.

Use SPF on a daily basis

Most of us are aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen on vacation, but research suggests that using products that contain SPF on a daily basis can have major benefits for your skin. If you don’t want to lather yourself in sunscreen every day, look for makeup and skincare products, such as foundation and moisturizer, which contain SPF. As well as preventing wrinkles and lines, SPF also reduces the risk of skin cancer and sun damage.

Most of us would love to have youthful, bright skin for as long as possible. While it’s not possible to make time stand still, there are ways to reduce the risk of premature aging. If you’re keen to keep wrinkles at bay, start drinking more water, getting more sleep and using SPF all year-round. These simple changes could make all the difference to your complexion!

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