Group Holidays: More Stress Than They’re Worth?

Group Holidays: More Stress Than They’re Worth?

Group Holidays: More Stress Than They’re Worth?

Taking a holiday involves a lot of time and effort to plan, there’s no doubt about that, despite their long term reputation as relaxing ventures to invest in. Yet, they can be made a lot more stressful when you have to plan for a thousand people to stay in the same hotel, take trips to the same downtown bar, and getting them to agree on the destination alone is a challenge. Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have signed up for it…

When it’s just you, yourself, and you, holidays are guaranteed to be a lot of fun. Add another person into the equation and that gets maximised out by two; everyone loves to take their partner or a best friend along. However, add three, four, or five more to the other side of the scale and you can be flung straight off of the enjoyment balance.

Take a plane across countries, or going on a cruise across the great expanse of the oceans, either way you’re going to have spend plenty of time with all these people! Remembering that before you invite people along; it’s the first key step to enjoying your group holiday. So if you’re looking to plan out one of the best group vacations you’ve ever heard of in your life, and you’re not the kind of friends to be able to plan a trip to Paris in half an hour, this could be the list for you. Need some tips and tricks? Feel free to read on!

What to Consider Before Hand

Planning a holiday takes a lot of thinking, and drawing up a list late at night You want to be the connoisseur of holiday planning, and at the very least you want to check everything off of a list without anyone getting annoyed you forget the important things (to them)!

Make sure you ask around first of all, as getting everyone’s wants and needs down on paper is going to make constructing an itinerary around it a lot easier! Going it alone never works out well, and trying to be a control freak immediately sets your group holiday up for a fall. Some people may even want to help you out, so be sure to take them up on their offer; you don’t want to be completely stressed out from the planning even before you step foot on the plane! Text your friends and ask your family, or set up a group call where you can all talk together at once.

Then, are you going to be able to book somewhere that accommodates all of you? If not, it’s going to take a little more searching, or you might even need to change where you’re going. Find a hotel that has plenty of catering options and the right amount of rooms for all the people you’re bringing along with you.

Then it’s the travel considerations. Is everywhere everyone wants to go within walking distance? If not, can you hire cars? At least one of you needs to be able to drive! Maybe the public transport will do, but do you know the right way around? If it’s in another language, can you at least recognise your spot in the lists? If a few of these ideas aren’t checked off, make sure you come up with a plan of action around them whilst you have the time.

If it all gets a little too much, you can turn to a travel agent or company for help. This may cost you a little more at the end of the day, but it makes sure you have everything for your vacation in the bag.

Group Friendly Destinations to Check Out

One great place to try out is Florida. America itself is a vast place for you to explore, but there’s nothing more interactive for all kinds of people than the Sunshine State. This is a good way to live the high life when you’re jetsetting with just a suitcase to your name; there’s a lot of luxury and high energy activities to keep everyone entertained. Theme parks galore, and plenty of villa hotels exist out there for you take over the entire top floor! Let’s be real here, you can afford that when everyone pitches in, so make sure people pay their dues.

Check out the swimming pools and hot tubs that come with all these kinds of resorts. Late night trips down to the insane number of bars, and days out to the national parks and beaches around every corner lend a lot of variance to your days. There’s so much to do you won’t want to waste any time arguing over where to head next, and the shopping districts are to die for! Check out somewhere like The Florida Mall, as this has a shop for everyone to dash in and out of, just don’t go crazy with your souvenir money.

You could also try somewhere on the Spanish Coast. Considered one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world, Spain is a star stunner for a lot of good reasons. The country is both a kid and family friendly destination, and it’s also a great place for young adults to try out their party lifestyle. Even if you’re in between the two and like a quiet tour around museums, this is a good place to indulge in your love of history.

Spain is pretty cheap to travel to, and it’s the sunniest place in Europe. Sounds like a recipe for success already! Many of the world’s most famous cities can be found here on top of that, such as Barcelona and Madrid, all with their own cultural sights, sounds, and smells for you to investigate. It’s a lot of fun to have an adventure here, so keep it in your considerations.

Choose Something a Little More Untraditional

If you’re in a large group of friends, or going abroad with a good amount of your family, there’s a pretty big chance you’re not going to be able to do everything you want to. There’s an awful lot of ways to enjoy your vacation, so why not try something you’ve never considered before? If it doesn’t work out, you can always try again.

That’s why you should think about renting a holiday home altogether and staying around on sandy shores and under beautiful skies for a little longer. You have somewhere private to come back to and recharge, and you’ll be able to get intimately acquainted with the local life! Imagine the amount of street food you’re going to end up eating; it’s the gap year you always wished you had. For example, looking into property rental in singapore will mean you’ll have ample time to spend in all of the parks and wildlife centers the country has to offer. Hey, if you’re a Pokemon Go fan, this is a good destination for you!

There’s a bit of administration involved, but with the invention of the internet, it’s not going to be a problem to carry out. Look into holiday homes in the country of your choice and find the deal that’s right for you; multiple lenders are out there competing for your custom.

Take a vacation and have a better time than ever! Group holidays don’t have to be as stressful as they seem. Get your friends together and have a good time whilst you look up all your options; it can be done over drinks and some good snacks when you have the time!

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