Australia: Visit the Wild Side

Australia: Visit the Wild Side

Australia: Visit the Wild Side

Australia most definitely has some of the most memorable, and astounding sights in this world. Australians know this, tourists know this, and if you don’t know this, then it’s about time you found out. No matter what you are into, whether it’s antiques, flea markets or local delicacies, Australia will definitely have something which catches your eye. If you plan on going on holidays sometimes and you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to get in touch with the sunny side, then look no further than Australia. It might not be as much of a popular summer holiday destination as let’s say, Spain or Turkey, but it should most definitely not be overlooked. Not to mention, considering it’s an English speaking country, it makes it a rather laid back holiday destination for the average tourist, saving you the struggle when trying to order a double shot Americano in a different language.

Check out the waters

Yo ho ho and an SD card full of photos. If you’re looking for any particular areas which could fill your Instagram for the next couple of weeks then going to the beach or beyond is your best bet. “Beyond” the beach, as in, into or onto the water. With places like the Fraser Island to visit and many different tours that go there such as the ones found under this link, the journey can be more comparable to a relaxing cruise as opposed to a long trek. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from going on such a trek if you are feeling a bit adventurous. Working up a sweat can both build character and provide unforgettable moments, not to mention lots opportunities for some quality bonding with your family and friends. Anyone can go and sit at the beach, but not everyone is willing to go snorkelling around the great barrier reef, seeing sights which are unimaginable to some people, with your very own eyes, making for the adventure of a lifetime.

Pay homage to a legend

Not often does someone related to the animal kingdom leave such a huge mark on the world. Not only through their actions, but their likability, their stunts, their contribution to the world of animals, and most importantly, their character. Steve Irwin was as much of an icon of the animal kingdom as the great David Attenborough himself, and you can visit the Australian Zoo which essentially still is his home in spirit. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for all animal lovers alike, but anyone that is a fan of Steve as well, and let’s be honest, who isn’t? Considering it is literally an occasion like no other in the world, if you are even mildly interested it would be a sin not to go and pay it a visit. The Zoo boasts a variety of animal enclosures, with the main attraction unsurprisingly being the Crocodilian family enclosure, it has quite a varied selection of animals you can go and visit. From mammals like the Camels and to Echidnas, to the birds like exotic parrots, Raptors, Stone Curlews and even Cormorants. Crikey!

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