Seven Unusual Holiday Destinations You Should Consider This Year

Seven Unusual Holiday Destinations You Should Consider This Year

Seven Unusual Holiday Destinations You Should Consider This Year

If you are fed up with the same holiday resorts every year, and are looking for a change of scenery, you might consider booking a vacation off the beaten path for a lifetime experience. From mountain villages to remote beaches, there are several hidden holiday gems to discover. Check out our list below and take your pick.

  • Northern Lights Tour Finland

In case one of your all time dreams is to see the Northern Lights, you can book a holiday in Northern Europe, explore the new environment, and mix with locals. If you would like to know where can you see the Northern Lights, your best bet is Finland, Sweden, and Norway. You can find plenty of quality hotels and great tours offered by local travel agents, and create memories for a lifetime, spotting the rare, mesmerizing, and stunning Aurora.

  • Transylvania

Visiting Transylvania and going on a Dracula tour, finding out more about the history of the area and the famous families that lived in the castles of the Carpathian Mountains, you can book your flights and hotel for less than you would imagine. Eating out in Romania is cheap, and the historic location is full of old castles and mysteries. Visit Timisoara, also called “Little Vienna”, and explore the pedestrian streets, try some local food and wine, and hike by the Bega River.

  • Montenegro

Montenegro is a quiet place and perfect for a romantic getaway. Flights to Dubrovnik are cheap all year round, and you can take a ferry from the city, called Kamenari. Visit Budva where you will find great bars and quality restaurants, try sailing and other watersports, go on a boat trip, and visit the Lake Skadar National Park for a bird watching tour, or simply have a picnic by the lake.  Apart from beautiful natural parks, Montenegro also has some of the best beaches.

  • Croatia Biking Tour

Active families and couples can embark on a bike tour in Croatia and experience the stunning villages and dramatic coasts on two wheels. You can visit the Dalmatian Coast, or challenge yourself and cycle around the entire coast. You can find guided gourmet bike tours, so you can learn more about the culinary traditions of the country while getting some fresh air and exercise to build up your appetite.

  • Azerbaijan

You don’t have to go to Asia to explore Islamic architecture, and if you have already taken a holiday in Turkey, you might want to visit Azerbaijan. Admire the mosaic tiles in Sheki Khan’s Palace in Sheki, visit the Church of Kish, or admire the skillful work of the people  who built the local fortress. You will also find great prices in restaurants and bars, and hotel deals are offered throughout the year. Visit the capital, Baku, and see the old Mosques, and venture to Yanar Dag, one of the largest natural gas fires in the world.

  • Lake Balaton, Hungary

The largest lake in Central Europe, Balaton is surrounded by highlands and the Uplands. You can try yourself at sailing and other watersports, or book a hotel on the lakeside, and enjoy the famous Hungarian hospitality. Take a trip to some of the best vineyards of the area, and go on a Badacsony culinary tour, or a wine tasting day excursion. Explore small villages tucked away with traditional whitewashed houses, or book a SPA hotel for total relaxation. You will find plenty of water sport facilities, and great bike tours around the Lake Balaton. In the summer, you can fly directly to the Heviz-Balaton regional airport.

  • Jordan

Jordan is a safe and friendly small country and a great alternative to Egypt. You can visit the Dead Sea, one of the saltiest water on Earth, and the lowest point of the Earth’s surface. Check out the Valley of the Moon, in the South, where local nomadic Bedouin tribes live in harsh conditions. Make sure you hire a 4×4 or a camel for the journey through the desert. Nature lovers can also check out the Mujib & Dana Biosphere Reserves, a complex system of rivers with unique biodiversity, connecting various climate zones.

Whether you are looking for unique landscapes or tucked away beaches and villages, there are several destinations you can consider. From Europe’s traditional countryside castles to bike tours and natural reserves, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting for you. Don’t settle for another popular vacation resort this year. Explore more, see something different, and create memories that will last a lifetime by choosing a unique holiday destination in 2018.

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