Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

Fashion is incredible. But you either know how to work it or you don’t. You’ve got to have the confidence to be able to rock your own sense of style, but you’ve also got to have the coordination to make sure you’re not doing anything too out of the ordinary. Everyone is entitled to their own sense of style and should have an opinion of what they think looks good and doesn’t. But there’s a few things you should be doing, and you shouldn’t, no matter who you are. We’ve put together a list of a few of them to help you out.

The Do’s

The do’s are something that you should always be trying to achieve. Whilst you should try to keep your sense of fashion as unique as possible, one thing you should be doing is taking inspiration from others. There’s so many great fashion icons, celebrities, magazines, and even just the people you’ll pass in the street that will give you the inspiration you need. Sometimes just following what you know isn’t always the way forward. The next thing you need to be doing is reading about on the internet to see what trends are surfacing, or for fashion tips. Just take THE ICONIC Edition as an example. There’s plenty of advice and articles on pages such as this to inspire you. The next thing you need to do is push the boat out a little. Everyone deserves to be able to experiment with what they think is going to look good on them. You should never worry what people think of you, as long as you’re happy. This applies to what you’re wearing more than anything. Try something on that you never usually would. It might be something that shows off your figure more. Something more colourful than you would usually go for perhaps. Whatever it is, just make sure you’re not worried about trying something different.

The Don’ts

One of the biggest don’ts is making sure you aren’t pushing the boat out too far. Make sure what you’re wearing actually matches and that you know it is something stylish. If you’ve ever seen a catwalk show, surely you’ve thought to yourself how can that be fashion. That is the type of fashion we’re advising you to stay away from. Another thing you don’t want to do is over accessorise. It clogs up the outfit far too much and can often look terrible. Stick to more simplistic routes with your fashion, that seems to be all the rage at the minute. Make sure you don’t take judgement from others and let it dampen your style. Everyone has different fashion styles, and you shouldn’t be dressing a certain way because you’re worried what others may thing. Dress for you and fashion will become so much more exciting.

So there you go, a couple of fashion do’s and don’ts that we recommend you stick to. Fashion is an ever changing world of wonder that we know most of you love, so let is stay that way!

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