Caramel Outfit

Caramel Outfit

Caramel outfit

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Outfit details
Black Knee High Boots (SIMILAR), Black 40 denier tights (SIMILAR), Caramel Dress (SIMILAR), White Cardigan (SIMILAR)
Camera details
Shot with Canon EOS 60D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II SLR Lens

It’s somewhat getting warmer so I’m bringing back dresses like this caramel outfit. Yes, my caramel dress is wrinkled. I clearly don’t like to iron but this dress is somewhat thick. You can’t see my bra or underwear line. Also, it’s somewhat of a swing dress because it doesn’t outline my body whatsoever. The color is one of my favorites. I just love caramel/beige/camel colored products. It didn’t look too harsh on my skin color. This dress was also not too short for work and the sleeves are short as well.

To avoid being cold, I paired this dress up with a white cardigan. The cardigan is thick and silky. I’m obsessed with the material. I normally don’t wear silky clothing but this cardigan was an exception. I love how it feels and I love that it has a little belt for me to tie my cardigan together. Also, I love that the cardigan was longer than the dress. For me, I personally love when my dresses and cardigans are the same length because it just looks better to me.

Just in case it was cold, I wore 40 denier tights and black knee high boots. It snowed the day before so I was nervous about it being “too cold.” Thankfully, it wasn’t but the tights and boots did help to keep me warm. Tights and boots are my go to in the winter when I want look nice but also stay warm.

Do you guys like caramel outfits?

How do you style your caramel colored clothing items?


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