Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

My next post with “Valentine’s Day with Linda” series is Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day. I know Valentine’s Day is just four days away but hopefully, this post will help you to last minute find an outfit.


This is my outfit from last year. I wore a berry laced dress and still wear it to this day. You can read more about my outfit HERE.

  1. The Sexy or the Cute Option
    valentine's day outfits 1

My first outfit – this depends on how you dress it up or if you want it sexy, casual, but it’s a skirt with a bodysuit or skirt with a crop top. These are two different outfits that I’ve personally worn before from HERE and HERE, but here’s also an outfit inspiration that I put together. If you want to go for a more sexy look, I definitely recommend a pencil skirt with a bodysuit and heels. This gives a sexier look. For a more cute look, you can wear a circle skirt with a crop top. This is perfect for when you want to look cute and not too sexy or show too much skin.

I’ve listed some skirts, crop tops, and bodysuits below, so take a look.

2. The Appealing, Bodacious Option

valentine's day outfit 2

The second outfit – this is for all my ladies who want to look sexy and fierce. The second outfit is a sexy dress. This can be a dress with long slits like this dress that I wore for Christmas or a dress with a low v neck like this dress that I wore for a baby shower. Sexy dresses always make me feel good about myself and like I’m ready to tackle on the world.

I’ve listed some sexy, appealing dress below so take a look.

3. The Comfortable but Nice Option

Valentine's Day outfits 3

As for the third outfit, this is for the ones who don’t necessarily like wearing skirts or dresses. You want to look sexy and nice but not show too much skin. I recommend wearing tight high rise pants with a flowy shirt so that you still stand out. As seen in my own outfit, I wore tight high waisted pants with a flowy top but with the example next to it, you can style it with a flowy crop top if you’d like. This outfit also gives you a sexy vibe because the pants outline your body to make you look amazing.

I’ve listed high waisted pants and flowy tops below so take a look.

4. The Casual but Nice Option

valentine's day outfit 4

As for my final outfit, this is for everybody who doesn’t want to be too dressed up but still look nice. It’s a casual dress that you can wear from work and straight to dinner. I’d pair it with heels or even high heeled booties. If you want to keep the flats, that’s fine, too! This is so that you’re comfortable but still look nice! OR you can even wear a nice romper. Rompers are my go to as well as seen IN THIS POST.

I’ve listed some casual dresses and rompers below so take a look.

These are the top four outfits I typically go to whenever I celebrate an occasion. Hopefully, these ideas will help you for Valentine’s Day and if you use any of these ideas, tag me in your photos so I can see.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who knows what they want to wear, what are you planning to wear?

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