Date Ideas in Boston for Valentine’s Day

Date Ideas in Boston for Valentine’s Day

Date Ideas in Boston for Valentine’s Day.

For the final post of my Valentine’s Series, “Valentine’s Day With Linda,” this post is dedicated to all of my Boston babes still looking to ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day. This post may be a little late but these ideas are still great for Valentine’s Day. Date ideas in Boston for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Top of the Hub & Skywalk Observatory

    The Skywalk Observatory is a great place to see the skyline of Boston. It’s beautiful at night and I totally recommend. As for the Top of the Hub, a lot of tourists and locals love this place. I’m recommending this place because it is a favorite for most people. I don’t like this restaurant only because the portions are small and overpriced. But it is a great romantic place to see the skyline of Boston and have decent food. Nothing against the food – it’s just too small and overpriced but the view is to die for.

  2. Gyu-Kaku

    For anyone craving Japanese Barbeque or sushi, I totally recommend this place. It is a little pricey. It isn’t a “dress up” restaurant but the food is delicious. It is located in Brookline. So if you’re looking for delicious Japanese food or sushi, I recommend this place.

  3. Bistro Du Midi

    Bistro du Midi is a little expensive. Prices range from $15 to $50 so if you are looking to spend money on quality good, this is the place to go to. It’s located in Boston and they serve French food. If you’re looking for French or European food, this is the place to go. You’ll also be able to see a view of the Boston Public Gardens.

  4. Sorellina

    Sorellina is an Italian restaurant located in Boston. This is a beautiful place. The décor and service is astounding. You can dress up for this occasion or at least put on a cute top! It is a pricey so expect to be spending a lot of money when you come here. But you honestly won’t regret it.

  5. B&G Oysters

    For all of my seafood lovers, this is a high end, popular seafood restaurant. You don’t need to dress up too fancy but it is cozy and a great place to eat good quality seafood. Also, located in Boston.

  6. Alden & Harlow

    This restaurant is located in Cambridge – just a couple cities away from Boston. This place is cozy but you can also dress up and look fancy. It is pricey so expect to be spending a lot of money but the quality is amazing. There are cocktails and American food.

  7. Wayport

    Wayport is one of my favorite seafood restaurants. If you are craving seafood, this place is amazing. They also have pizza and pasta, just in case you don’t only want seafood. It is located in Cambridge. I wouldn’t recommend dressing up but it is an expensive place.

  8. Barcelona Wine Bar

    There’s one in Boston and there’s one in Brookeline. If you love wine, then you will like this place! But don’t worry, they don’t only sell wine. They have food from the Mediterranean, Spanish and South American influences. I don’t consider it too expensive. It is more affordable than the previous restaurants listed. The food is delicious so I do recommend.

  9. The Beehive

    This name always makes me giggle because I think of Beyonce. But this restaurant is located in Boston. They have a variety of American food with cocktails as well. There’s also live music so I would definitely dress up for this place. It isn’t as expensive as these other restaurants but they also aren’t “cheap” so expect to spend a good amount of money,

  10. L’Espalier

    This restaurant is expensive, so expect to spend a ton of money. It is a nice restaurant so you wouldn’t feel out of place if you were to dress up. This restaurant contains sophisticated, modern French food. And the dining rooms are all so romantic so definitely a place to bring your partner.

  11. Ice Skating

    I’m sure you guys are sick of the restaurant recommendations so I recommend Ice Skating at Frog Pond in the Boston Commons. It’s a great way to have fun. Also, Boston Commons always has pretty lights set up in the Winter so while you walk through the Commons, you’ll notice all the pretty lights.

  12. Boston Public Gardens

    Related to ice skating, I recommend walking through the Boston Public Gardens. Their garden is still pretty even in the winter. They have this ginormous tree that I find to be beautiful so photos would be great for there! It’s also free, of course.

  13. Harvard Square

    Harvard Square is a cute little area with a shopping center and food restaurants. There’s always music playing around and lights lit up. It’d be a great time to walk around and discover a cute little coffee shop or even a donut shop. I love walking around here because everything is so gorgeous and there’s always things to do.

  14. Art Museums

    Art museums are a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. I love walking through museums and looking at art especially when it’s warm inside. Museums are a great way to see new artwork and see what your partner is into. I recommend the Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart and the ICA. The ICA is smaller than the two but it has a view of Boston. As for Isabella Stewart, it’s a garden and a museum. It’s three-four floors and it’s beautiful! And the Museum of Fine Arts is just spectacular in general, so I highly recommend going to museums for Valentine’s Day!

  15. Newbury Street

    Newbury Street is somewhat like Harvard Square but more stores and food options. It’s a long strip that you can walk back and forth from. They also have lights on the trees so it’s pretty at night to see all the lights.

  16. State Street

    There’s a marketplace where you can find lots of small restaurants to eat from. There’s a second floor dedicated for sitting down and eating your food. There’s also a shopping center for you to walk through and shop from. So it’s a little similar to Newbury Street and Harvard Square.

These are the date ideas and restaurants I recommend for in Boston for Valentine’s Day. If you’re from Boston, what are you guys planning to do?


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