I typically never wear sneakers, especially not with dresses, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone.

Shoes || Dress || Cardigan

I wore this fitted maxi dress on the plane. I love wearing dresses on the plane because it’s just more comfortable to me than jeans, sweatpants or even leggings. I know a lot of people prefer sweatpants on the plane but for me, personally, I just don't like wearing sweatpants on the plane. I prefer wearing a dress with soft material or a lightweight dress. The maxi dress is from Wet Seal but you can find an alternative here. The material is extremely soft and stretchy that I didn’t have to worry about the dress being too tight on me. I love the material. It was super comfortable for me wear on the plane. The trip was only 3 and a half hours but still, this dress made sitting on a plane comfortable. I don’t like to stay still but this dress helped me to be “confined” to my seat. Also, it outlined my body nicely. I love that this dress gave me some curves and a “butt.” I And I most definitely love the color! I love dresses that are stretchy and roomy and still flatter my body. This dress was perfect for my flight!

Of course, because planes are always cold, I wore a thick white cardigan (not shown) on the plane to keep me warm. It was longer than my dress so it did cover my legs and kept me warm. My sisters all think I’m weird for wearing a dress on the plane but I wear a cardigan on top for extra coverage, so I don’t think it’s weird at all. My cardigan was able to keep me warm and cozy, so even though I had a dress on, I was still able to keep warm from the air conditioner!

I decided to wear sneakers this time. My feet were cold from wearing flip flops so I decided to switch it up and not make the same mistake twice. My shoes are fake converse that I bought back when I was in high school. Yes, high school. I have a bad habit of hoarding my clothes. But I wore it also because it somewhat matched my dress. White matches with everything so I decided to wear it with my dress. It’s an off-white/more so beige color but I genuinely loved wearing these sneakers, especially with my dress!


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Two Piece Set

Lately, I’ve been loving two piece sets.

I’ve been obsessed with this two-piece set from Shein. It’s really thin – perfect for scorching hot weather. I was in New Orleans for the weekend and the humidity was hot and sticky. This lightweight two piece set helped to keep me from not burning up in my clothes. The material is very thin! My top was a little big on me but that’s because I have small boobs and my boobs just couldn’t fit the top. The shorts are really short but I didn’t mind. My buttcheeks weren’t showing or anything. And I love how loose the shorts are. They don’t outline my butt nor is it too tight on me. I love how flowy it is and I’m just obsessed with the print. It’s so pretty and perfect for the summer time! I am obsessed with this two piece set! You guys can buy your own here! The two piece set looks like a romper on me but that's because I already have a small frame/torso. I think the two piece set will look even lovelier on girls who are taller than me.

I wore flip flops to keep it casual and simple. I was doing a lot of walking and didn’t want to wear sneakers or sandals. I think flip flops are just easier to put on and wear.

My purse matched my outfit somewhat. I love small purses. It helps me to reduce what I need and don’t need and this purse is just so cute!

Sunglasses are from Raybans. They’re just stylish and make me look cool.

Do you guys wear two-piece sets?

Click on the photo to view the product!

Click on the photo to view the product!

DISCLAIMER: Two-piece set was gifted to me by Shein but all opinions are of my own, and as always, completely honest.



Fun Pants

I’m wearing white on white? That’s a first!

Crop Top || Cami || Pants || Flats

I never really wear white because I always get a stain but I decided to wear white on white to get out of my comfort zone. Fashion is fun and it’s a great way to help you get out of your comfort zone.

My crop top, you’ve probably seen before, is from TOSAVE. You can read my post about the crop top HERE. It is transparent, so I did wear a white cami underneath to make sure it was appropriate for work. Also, because it is a crop top, I wore a white cami so that I can tuck in the cami to my pants and my skin won’t show. This crop top is great for work as long as you know how to style it and make it appropriate for work. If you want to wear crop tops to work, make sure that your skin is not showing and make sure you cover up so that it’s completely appropriate and professional for an office. I adore this crop top, especially the little tie at the bottom and it's totally great for so many occasions.

The best part about my outfit is definitely the pants! I bought these pants from Primark! When I saw it, I HAD to get it. I love stripes and I normally never wear pants with some sort of design on them (once in a while, I do) so I bought these to get out of my comfort zone. I am obsessed with the colors and the design. The fabric is somewhat thin but thankfully, it didn’t show my underwear line or my butt. And I adore the belt! I did buy this in a size bigger than me because my actual size was sold out, but surprisingly, the pants didn’t seem too big on me. I love the belt because it did make the pants fit me better and it makes the pants look even better. I love that the pants are somewhat cropped and that it’s flared. I never wear cropped pants or flared pants so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. These pants were so comfortable! I surprisingly didn’t stain myself either! The pants are high waisted which is how my skin wasn’t showing from wearing the crop top (& because I have a cami underneath). I love these pants, they’re so fun and different. I am obsessed with this outfit!

I was already wearing white on white so I decided to wear pink lace flats to match with the pink stripes, and I’m so glad I did because it made my outfit look great! I wanted my pants to be the statement piece but it ended up being my shoes, but that’s okay because I adore them! You’ll probably see them in future posts as well. I love lace up flats and I think it went perfectly with my cropped pants. I totally recommend wearing lace flats because they can transform an outfit!

Do you guys wear white on white? Or cropped/flared pants?


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