My sisters are usually the one to initiate a photoshoot, if you haven’t caught on. But my sister had to do a presentation at her work place last Saturday and asked me and my other sister/her twin to come along and have a photoshoot at her campus.

I haven’t been to her work place since last year, so I thought, “Why not?” My sister works at Brandeis University in Waltham, so it took us about a 45 minutes to get there. She wanted to get there early for coffee and just in case there was traffic going there.

For the first half an hour, we were in her office just hanging out and stealing her coworkers’ candy – if you leave out in the open, it’s ours to take. Haha.

Dani and I decided to just go ahead with our photoshoot and we left Linna in her office so she could prepare for her presentation. Dani is a spontaneous dare-devil. We went to almost every building near us and I kept saying, “It looks closed, maybe we shouldn’t go in.” And she’ll respond with, “It’s okay! We’ll just say we’re seniors in high school looking around the campus.” Most of the buildings we went to were closed and I actually got nervous when we went into a couple of them because they were empty and dark, but that didn’t stop Dani.

She had me pose in multiple buildings. She saw a blue building and said, “Let’s take pictures at the blue building! It’ll match your blue feed.” Right away, I said yes because I’m obsessed with Instagram and maintaining my “theme.” It’s all sorts of messed up right now but I like it – I’m obsessed with my theme and feed.

It wasn’t necessarily busy. It’s a small campus so there aren’t that many students to begin with but I think most students usually head home for the weekends because it was empty. A few students would walk by and stare at us. I felt uncomfortable at first but I was with my sister, so I just kind of ignored it. They probably were laughing at the weird poses I was doing or that my sister crouched on the ground to get the perfect shot, either way, I tried not to pay too much attention to them.

The thing I like most about “working” with Dani is that she has a creative eye. She’ll see a building or a prop and automatically can come up with how she wants this photo taken. She had me stand up on benches, sit on benches. We even went to a building that was completely empty and used one of the classrooms as a photoshoot! I was scared at first but my sister kept saying, “We’ll just pretend we’re students. It’s not locked for a reason!” The classroom photos that you’ll see actually has me laughing because I’ve never had a “photoshoot” in a classroom before so it was definitely out of my comfort zone, especially when Dani had me stretch my legs and look “sexy” for the photos.

After Linna was one with her first presentation, we met up with her and she took us to the campus pond. It didn’t look that pretty because all the water was practically gone and the leaves were dying. But she kept saying it was prettier in the spring. Nonetheless, we took photos there until she had to leave for her second presentation.

Dani saw another building and asked to go in. Then, we went into another empty classroom and she said, “I want you in this shelf.” I literally thought she was joking until she took the shelves apart, sat inside and said, “If I can fit, you can fit.” It was out of my comfort zone but because no one was there, I thought, “Why not?” So we took photos of me IN the shelf. Then, we headed back to Linna’s office and Dani took photos of me IN Linna’s closet. Dani definitely has a creative eye.

After Linna was done with her final presentation, we drove around for an hour trying to figure out where to take photos next. Every place we went to, we thought it wasn’t “scenic” or “pretty” enough. Dani wanted to go home so we took the scenic route home. We all thought “street photos” where the models stand in the middle of the street were cool and agreed to have a photoshoot like that one day. While we were driving in Melrose, I noticed that not many cars drove through this one street, so I jokingly said, “Why not do the street photos here?” And they both agreed in a heart beat. We spent about 10 minutes driving back and forth trying to figure out where to park, then we settled for just putting our emergency breaks on and be quick with our photos. We took about 5 minutes taking photos because we were scared that a car was going to drive by. It was the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever felt. We’re definitely doing another “street photoshoot” soon.

We dropped Dani off and then, Linna and I drove to High Rock Tower – which is practically close by to both of our places. The sunset is beautiful to look at there. I hadn’t been there in years so this was the first time I noticed all the renovations, but it looked nice and updated! We were there for about 20-30 minutes and then decided to call it a day.

I'm not sure where the boots are from. They're supposed to be thigh highs/over the knee but they keep falling down. The heels are thick enough for me to walk in them all day and not fall or have my feet cramp up, which is what I like most about them. Definitely recommend other thigh highs because these keep falling down and I hate pulling them back up. I do like how they're soft and comfortable, though! Tights are from Primark. The dress is from Wet Seal. It’s thick and soft, kept me warm all day. And the coat, I took from my sisters. It was thick and it looked nice with my outfit. It matched and I think the colors went well together.