These Boots Were Made For Walking

It wasn’t too cold this day. I believe it was between 50-60 degrees. If you didn’t have a sweater on and just had a regular t-shirt or shirt on, then it would have been freezing for you. But I had a thick cardigan on so I was pretty warm.

I decided to wear the new romper I bought from Wet Seal. A few weeks ago, Wet Seal had a sale for 80% off clearance. 80% OFF?! Don’t mind if I do! I saw this romper and immediately bought it. I unfortunately did not take pictures of the back of the romper except for my bathroom selfie, but it’s such a cute romper. I honestly specifically bought it for the back but because of how chilly it was, I didn’t want to take off the cardigan. But that’s okay! It was roomy and flowy, exactly how I like my rompers. I also like how low cut the romper is. I love anything low cut. I'm comfortable with my body and have no problem wearing revealing clothes. I have no problem flaunting what little I have or don't have. Even though it was a bit chilly, I still decided to wear the romper. It's so cute! The cardigan, I bought back in 2014 during the holidays at Wet Seal. I believe it was 60% off, so of course I bought it. The quality is thick, soft and it kept me warm! I have this cardigan in both gray and beige (you’ll see the beige one in a future OOTD post).

Even though I was already wearing two different colors, I decided to make my shoes be a pop of color. I had a black romper on with a gray cardigan, but I wanted the attention on my boots. I’ve always wanted thigh highs but was too scared that I might not be able to wear them well because of how short I am. I didn’t want to look like I was swimming in my boots because of my height. I had a pair a few years ago but didn’t know to wear them, so now they’re in my closet collecting dusk. But I promised myself this season that I will try to wear thigh highs and make it look good on me. These boots are in a red color – it’s more of a dark red/maroon color. I’ve had numerous people tell me that they have a hard time finding boots that fit their calves or didn’t fall down their legs. I thankfully don’t have to deal with finding boots that don’t fit my calves but I was pretty nervous about boot shopping for boots that didn’t fall down my leg. These boots are long, of course, they’re thigh highs. They reach about halfway through my thighs. At first, they did fall down while I was walking but then I realized they have strings on the back of the boots for me to tie tighter to prevent them from falling, and IT WORKED! I tied my boots tighter and I didn’t have a problem with my boots falling down. When I first touched the boots, they were extremely soft. The inside of the boots is black and soft too! If the boots are too long for you, you can fold them over to make them shorter. The only problem is that the inside is black and not red, so if you do fold the boots, it’ll show. But it also depends on how you style your outfit. I personally like how long the boots are and I was wearing a short romper, so it worked well together. The romper was short enough that it didn’t cover my boots and my boots were high but not enough to cover my entire thighs. You were still able to see a small fraction of my thighs, which was what I was going for. These boots have a one inch heel and I didn’t have a problem walking in them. They were pointy in the toe area and honestly, they didn't really hurt at all. I was walking around for a bit and I didn't have a problem whatsoever. There are also zippers on the bottom. So if I was struggling to take off my boots, I can always pull the zipper down to make it easier for me. The zippers did help to make the boots tighter, so I genuinely liked having them. If you have bigger calves than me, you will most likely fit the boots still since the zipper helps to expand the boots and tighten them up. They were comfortable, cute and stylish! These boots are from amiclubwear. THEY WERE ON SALE FOR 50% OFF.

I also was wearing Kylie’s new collaboration with her sister, Khloe, on my lips. I was wearing the color OKURR, which is a hot pink color.

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DISCLAIMER: The thigh high boots were gifted to me by AMICLUBWEAR but all opinions are of my own!

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