Feeling Blue

My mom's birthday was a couple weeks ago.

We didn't actually celebrate on the day of her birthday (Veteran's Day) so we celebrated the following Sunday. We decided to get pho in Lowell which is about 40 minutes away. I was in a car with my mom, my sister and her fiance. Our other sister was running late so we decided to go to University of Massachusetts-Lowell. I've only been to one building of UMass Lowell and that was to go see a concert. I've never actually visited the campus. We just drove around for a bit looking for a place to park.

Linna and I walked around for a bit and found a couple places to take photos. We sat at the stairs, at a table and saw pretty foliage trees. It was a quick mini shoot. But the campus is beautiful. I do want to come back and just walk around to see everything.

Afterwards, we drove straight to the restaurant. We all had pho. It was delicious. I drenched my pho in sriracha sauce and jalapenos. I love spicy food! Then went to an eggroll cafe which was about 10 minutes away. I honestly don't know why we bothered to go because we were all full, haha. We ended up staying a bit to chat and hang out. Eggroll Cafe is such a cute place and the eggrolls were delicious. There are many different flavors so there's honestly one for anyone's taste buds. This was my first time coming here and I do see myself coming back.

We all headed home after because we were full.

The black cami is only 98 cents from Primark! It's stretchy, super soft and it comes in 10 different colors! The dress was bought last year from H&M when it was on sale for $15. It's cute, soft, a little low cut so that's why I wore a cami underneath. But nonetheless, the dress is perfect for me. It's loose and flowy, not tight at all, so it doesn't outline my body. It was actually one of my work dresses but I decided to wear it for my mom's birthday. Tights are from Primark. And the peacoat was seen HERE before but it was from my sister, so I honestly have no idea where it's from. It's good for chilly days but not for the harsh winter weather. It's not good for layering up because it'll get extremely bulky (and it's noticeable if you do try) and if you do layer up, it'll be way too tight on the arms. I wear these boots a lot, as seen HERE, but they're from DSW. They're sturdy, comfortable and not hard to walk in, so you'll see them a lot in future posts.

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