Off The Shoulder

I've always wanted to go to Blue Hills Reservation - I've seen so many photos on my instagram feed and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go. Blue Hills Reservation is a hiking place in Milton, MA, which is about 45 minutes away from where I live - typically is an over an hour to get to during traffic hours. My boyfriend agreed to go and so we decided to go Wednesday after work.

We left around 3:45PM so we didn't get to Blue Hills until around 5. By the time we arrived, we both had a slight headache - we don't do well with motion sickness. So traffic plus an hour long drive made us a little woozy. I asked if he wanted to stay for a bit and then leave and he said, "We came all this way, let's just stay."

We weren't necessarily dressed to hike. My boyfriend just got out of work so he still had his work clothes on and I didn't have proper shoes, but I knew ahead of time that we weren't going to hike. I just wanted to explore the place and see why people liked coming here.

Parking is free! We parked next to a kid's playground and walked on a little bridge. Where we were was a reservoir-lake where you can swim. It was about 60 degrees, so of course no one was swimming but we did see a few fishermen. We also saw a couple getting their photos taken, too. So we walked on the sand and my boyfriend start snapping photos of me. Then, we sat down and just talked and hung out. Blue Hills Reservation is a huge place but we didn't want to get stuck in traffic going back so we just stayed at one spot for about an hour. I definitely want to come back to hike and to go swimming in the summer. It seems like a nice place to just relax and have a small gathering with friends and family. I definitely want to climb to the top of the mountains because I've seen so many photos and the view is beautiful! Definitely next time, preferably on a weekend when we have more time since by the time we got there, the sun was starting to set.

I wore an oversized sweater dress - I made it into the "off the shoulder" look since it was pretty loose on me. I was debating on wearing tights or leggings since the dress was big enough to cover my butt and some more. However, I just stuck with the leggings because I assumed it was going to get colder if we were by the water.

I wore a plaid/pattern scarf with a striped dress - probably not the best idea since it clashed but nonetheless, I still liked my outfit. I think it's fine to experiment with patterns and colors.

I wear these boots all the time. I bought it from 599fashion about a month ago and they're all I wear now! It was only $5.99. It's not the best quality but it'll do for now. I just needed a new pair of black ankle boots and that's what I got. They're comfortable and fit true to size so I haven't had a problem with them.. yet. I go to 599fashion whenever I need affordable clothing. The quality might not be the best but I typically don't re-wear my clothes for another few months anyway. I'm not sure where the scarf is from but I think the oversized dress might be from Wet Seal and the leggings are only $4 from Primark. And the pink purse is from Kate Spade. The black cami is from Primark as well. It was only 98 cents! 98 CENTS!!