Travel With Me To: Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls. One of my best friends randomly found this place when he was looking up places to visit. This name popped up and so we made plans to visit it but the first couple times we set a date, one of us was sick or busy. So finally after a couple failed attempts, we set a date and time!

(This visit is actually back in July. Just loved this place so much that I thought I'd blog about it!)

We went in two different cars. I was with my boyfriend and other four guys were in one car. We met up at starbucks to get coffee. I was the only one wearing hiking-gear. Bash Bish Falls is about three hours away from where we live - it's on the border line of New York and Massachusetts. I did my research - there's hiking! But the guys forgot that we had to hike, haha.

It was a three hour drive. I was just listening and jamming to my spotify playlist. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Western Massachusetts. There's too many trees and I just flat out need to be in the city with all of the tall buildings and architect. BUT I did enjoy the scenery. I tried my best to take pictures of all the mountains I saw but I just wasn't quick enough since my boyfriend was speeding through. I don't think I could ever live in Western Massachusetts but I do think they have nice scenic views.

There were two different places to park. There's a New York side and a Massachusetts side. I wanted to park in the New York side because there was pretty much no hiking trails. You didn't have to walk up and down a mountain. It was just a flat, straight walk - perfect for anyone who hates hiking. Unfortunately, parking there was full so we had to park in the Massachusetts side, which I didn't want to because of all the little hills and such. I knew my boyfriend wouldn't have been able to walk up and down the hills but there wasn't anything we could do. But parking was free though!

All six of us met up at the parking lot and we were on our way with our little hike. It wasn't too bad of a hike walking down. It was pretty quick - a lot of hills though. You do have to be careful when walking down because you might fall or trip. I just started taking pictures of everything because I was just in awe of everything. I was in sneakers so I didn't have a problem with walking down.

We saw the waterfall from up top and was eager to go down and see it! We weren't allowed to go "swimming" in the waterfall but everybody still did anyway and everybody still went in the water. I was a little nervous hopping on rocks and climbing but I had my boyfriend to save me. The waterfall is GORGEOUS. It's beautiful and it was relaxing. I wish I took my clothes off and went in the water because I had a bikini on. I didn't bother to get in the water and I totally regret it now.

We were there for about an hour & a half. Just relaxing and watching the water. I wish we explored more of the place but the other guys weren't properly dressed to hike or explore, so hopefully next time! Hopefully, I'll get in the water next time!

The hike back up was horrible. The guys did a fine job walking up the trails because they love hiking or they're just used to it. My boyfriend was struggling unfortunately. I was doing bad too but I just kept breathing in and out. My boyfriend had to take a few breaks but that's okay. I wasn't expecting to hike up this hill, so I don't blame him for being so tired. When we got to the top, I screamed, "Finally!" I hate hiking to be honest but I challenged myself this day because it was just a little hill and it wasn't that bad compared to an actual mountain.

Nonetheless, I think we all had fun. My boyfriend was in pain after we got to the top but hey, no pain, no gain!

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