Travel With Me To: Brooklyn Bridge

This is actually a throwback from October 2015, when I went to the Brooklyn Bridge.

My friends and I planned on going to New York during Columbus Day and I had my heart set on going to the Brooklyn Bridge, which they all agreed to!

We arrived to New York around 2ish and got lunch, walked around the city. The Brooklyn Bridge was our last stop before getting dinner and I was so excited to go. I've seen pictures of the bridge but never actually visited it, so I definitely crossed that off my bucket list.

It's a very touristy attraction. It is busy. I'm not sure if it's because we went during Columbus Day where students were out of school, but it was busy when we went. The Brooklyn Bridge is a huge place but walking on it can be crowded and annoying for locals. There are two "sides" but I've noticed no one really listens and follows directions. One side is for bikers and the other is for pedestrians to walk back and forth. My friends, boyfriend and I would walk on the bicycle lane whenever we wanted to pass a pedestrian if they were walking too slow.

The view is beautiful any time of the day. We arrived about half an hour before the sun was about to set so we definitely got some sunset photos. The view at any side is gorgeous, whether you're looking at the buildings of New York City or if you're looking at the side with the Manhattan Bridge.

We didn't walk the entire bridge. I think we walked about 1/3 or maybe even 1/4 of the way. My goal next time is to definitely walk the entire bridge but that's when we have more time. We were on a time crunch. We were on the bridge for about an hour, taking photos (as usual) and just awing at the view. Sure, the bridge was crowded but it's worth it for the spectacular views (and photos). If you look down, you can see cars driving. I was a little nervous because I thought, "What if the bridge breaks?" You can see the cars through the wood and I definitely was nervous, but the bridge is sturdy. Thousands of people go on the bridge daily and there hasn't been a problem (not that I've heard of) so it is safe, just a little scary when you first go on the bridge.

Seeing all the traffic did make me nervous because I KNEW we were going to be stuck in that traffic when we leave.

But I definitely recommend going on the bridge. It's beautiful there. It is a very crowded place and tourists do stop every minute to take photos, but that's okay. You can easily pass them by walking faster or just taking the bicycle lane to pass them.

I didn't want to leave but we were on a time crunch and everybody wanted to eat and leave the bridge as soon as possible since it was just way too crowded. But definitely, next time, I want to see the bridge and walk it again.

Purse is from Kate Spade. I adore it. I use it literally every day and it's still sturdy! Had it since June 2015 and haven't had a problem yet. The romper is from Ebay! Yes, Ebay! It was only about $7. And the shoes were from SHIEKHSHOES.

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