Travel With Me To: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Back in May, my best friend and I visited Brooklyn, New York.

We were trying to kill time before my concert. We went to Brooklyn to see Justin Bieber and we had a few hours to go before the concert so we started walking around Brooklyn. We visited the Brooklyn Public Library for a bit and then went to a park and hung out for a bit.

We were deciding between going to the zoo or the garden and the garden was closer to us than the zoo, so we decided to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

I believe it was only $5 with a student ID, but the second we walked in, we were in complete awe. I’m not a huge fan of flowers but the place was gorgeous. I loved all of the colors and how beautiful the place looked. It’s a huge place. We somewhat rushed through it but we were still able to see different parts of the garden.

They had a variety of different flowers and they were all categorized into different sections. My best friend desperately wanted to see daffodils since they’re her favorite flowers but when we found them, they were all dead or dying. We definitely plan on coming back when they’re alive and blooming.

I don’t really have a favorite flower. I just wanted to walk around and experience the place since it was our first time there. It was a bit chilly and it was raining here and there, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and exploring the place.

I was just in awe of everything we saw. They didn’t just have plants but they also had sections for fruits. They had a waterfall and a gift shop! I think my best friend and I bought a ton of post cards. The gift shop was also selling succulent plants and flowers.

There is even a café shop, but they didn’t have a variety of food. They had dried noodles but I was disappointed it in because it was cold – I really thought they were going to warm it up but they gave me Sriracha sauce so I ended up being fine with it.

I recommend coming here. Whether it’s drizzling, cold or hot outside, it’s a good place to visit. You can learn about the different types of plants, fruits and flowers they have. I know my best friend and I were laughing at a few of the names. Bring your significant other and make it a date!

Peacoat and dress were both from Ebay! Shoes were from DSW. Purse is from Icing’s.