Gray (Vermont Day 2)

My family and I woke up around 8AM.

I didn’t have a good night sleep. I kept tossing and turning. It was freezing and I kept hearing strange noises throughout the night, so I was scared to sleep. I felt safe because my boyfriend was sleeping next to me but it didn’t stop me from hearing strange noises.

I ended up finding out after I woke up that my sister and her fiancé were awake, hence the noises.

We all started to get dressed for snowboarding. My boyfriend decided to stay at the cabin and game, which was a bummer because I wanted him to snowboard with me. It would have been his first time snowboarding, but I didn’t want to force him.

I didn’t have any goggles or thick gloves so we ended up going to the store first (which was right next to the ticket booth) and man, I never knew goggles and gloves were SO expensive. I’m not dropping $120 on a pair of gloves that I’ll only use once, so I ended up finding the cheapest pair I could find.

We went snowboarding for about two hours before eating. My sister wanted to continue snowboarding but we were all tired. Turns out, none of them had a good night sleep either because they all heard noises too.

We were supposed to go to the waterpark the next day but we decided to go later on in the day so that way, we had time to sleep in and take our time getting ready to go home, which was understandable.

We went back to the cabin and I told my boyfriend to get ready and within 15 minutes, we were all set to go to the waterpark.

All the chlorine made me exhausted but I still loved being in the water and the warm temperatures. There was a hot tub and a few rides that we went on. Nonetheless, it was an eventful day.

This is the outfit I wore after snowboarding/before the waterpark and what I wore AFTER the waterpark as well.

I am obsessed with this gray cardigan. It’s thick and cozy and keeps me warm. I bought it recently from Primark for only $10! I’m obsessed with these kinds of cardigans. They remind me of the ones from H&M so I had to get them! The leggings are even from Primark too! They’re only about $4. The peachy/orangey top inside is from GAP. I bought it a couple years back when it was on sale. The scarf is a present from my supervisor. You probably recognize it from THIS POST. Socks are a present from my supervisor as well. You can get these socks and scarf from ANYWHERE from Tj Maxx to Marshalls to Old Navy to Macy’s. I wore the same black boots that I always wear from DSW.

Even though it was freezing in Vermont, this outfit actually kept me warm.. for the most part, haha.

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