And A Happy New Year!

Happy (belated) New Year!

2016 has been an alright year. With all the tragedies and events that occurred in 2016, I hope 2017 is better. Instead of making resolutions, I’m just going to remain optimistic and push myself to get out of my comfort zone, and just work harder. I made a ton of resolutions last year and never fulfilled them, so this year, I just want to work on being a better me.

I didn’t really do much for New Year’s day. I slept in and woke up around 11AM. I called my boyfriend to see what he was doing but he was exhausted from last night so he said he was going to sleep for another couple of hours. I just watched Fuller House on Netflix and then called him again around 2.

We went to Walmart with my mom to buy groceries and toiletries, and then went to Starbucks right after. My boyfriend hung out at my house for a little bit before going to the gym.

I didn’t really feel like doing anything so I just ate and watched Fuller House, which I totally recommend to watch!

My outfit is from Forever 21. I bought it a couple years ago but I’m obsessed with the color! It tugs on my belly and it’s pretty tight since I’ve gained weight but nonetheless, I love the dress! It’s cute and I love the color.

You can’t see the boots in the photos but they’re the same boots I always wear, from DSW.

As for the photos, I tried to twirl in them. I failed but I still think the photos are cute, haha.

Hope you guys had a wonderful new year!

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