Travel With Me To: Our Montgomery Center AirBnb

The past few posts have been all about Vermont.

I decided to make a post about the place we stayed at while in Vermont. It was a cute two-story cabin in Montgomery Center which was about 10-15 minutes away from Jay Peak. We booked the place through airbnb.

The owner actually lived to the house next to us but we arrived later the first day, so he wasn’t there to greet us, which was fine!

My family wanted to rent a cabin out because it just reminded us about our little cottage in Cape Cod. It’s a two-story cabin but it only had two rooms.

The first floor was huge and cute. When you walked in, the kitchen was on your right and the dining room was on your left and straight ahead was the living room. They had so many cute decorations that I just had to take pictures of all of them. It made the place cozy! The couch in the living room was comfortable to the point you can use it as a bed and sleep there, which was what my sister and her fiancé did the second night we were there.

There were two rooms. My sister picked the biggest room, haha. There was a twin sized bed in the hallway so my sister who slept on the couch the second night agreed to sleep there with her fiancé. (They moved downstairs because they heard noise and the bed was uncomfortable.)

The place itself is cozy, adorable and felt like home. But I will admit that my back hurt after I woke up each night. The pillows were soft and the blanket was heavy enough to keep us warm, but the bed was pretty stiff. My boyfriend agreed that the bed wasn’t as comfortable, so he had a hard time sleeping both nights.

I liked how there were utensils and plates for us to use to cook. It was pretty much a house! They even left board games for us to play in case we got bored and couldn’t sleep. Definitely loved our stay there, but not so much the bed.

Our host ended up greeting us the next morning with discounted tickets to the ski lodge and waterpark! He ended up coming back later that night to see how we were doing which was pretty nice! My last airbnb was never there and so I never met him. It was nice to actually meet the host and have him ask if we needed anything.

There was also a convenient store down the road for us to buy food. There was a restaurant right next to the convenient store but we decided to make our own food than go to a restaurant.

Nonetheless, our trip to Vermont was fun!

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