Snow White

Every year, my friends and I spend New Year's Eve together.

We held it at my friend's boyfriend's place in Somerville. We agreed to have it start at around 7/7:30. I decided to get ready by 4 but took breaks in between. My boyfriend came over around 6:45 and then we were off to Somerville. It took us about 25 minutes to get there.

We were missing two people, so it ended up being a couple's night kind of thing, but I didn't mind. Everyone was happy either way!! Every year, we always hang out for New Year's Eve - it's a tradition that began back in 2010 but it was a little different this year. But change is good!

We started off ordering Chinese food first! We didn't want the same incident from Christmas Eve to happen again! I think it took about 20 minutes to finally order.

We started off taking a few pictures and then we played a different version of Jenga. You set a timer off and when the timer goes off on your turn, the whole jenga "explodes" and you lose. Afterwards, we just watched tv and just hung out, talked.

When the food arrived, we began eating right away. I think we all got a food coma afterwards because we just sat down for 30 minutes before doing anything.

We continued taking more pictures, from using my DSLR to polaroid photos to my little digital camera to our phones. It was fun and the photos came out so good.

It felt like time was going by slowly, but I didn't mind. I genuinely loved spending every second with my best friends. When it was two minutes to 12, I took out my GoPro and recorded my midnight kiss with my boyfriend. :) We left right after the countdown. Wish we could have stayed longer but nonetheless, it was fun and I love ending and starting the year with my best friends. :) The drive home was definitely a lot shorter than the drive going there.

I knew a couple months ago that I wanted to wear white for New Year's. I wanted that Snow White feeling. The dress is from 599fashion. I love the dress but my only problem was that the zipper was stuck at first. It was hard to pull it down and pull it up but finally, I got it to work. It fit perfectly well. Wasn't too tight or too short on me. It tugged my body but didn't make my belly fat show or make me feel fat. I paired it up with a black choker from Wet Seal for a little accessory.

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