Blue (Vermont Day 1)

My family and I took a trip to Vermont the day after Christmas.

We had this trip planned for a couple weeks now. It was pretty much a “couple’s trip” since it was me, two of my sisters and our partners. My boyfriend finally agreed to go on a trip with me and my family. Whenever my sister plans trips, it always ends up being the five of us because my boyfriend always says no and same with my oldest sister. I asked him if he could just go on one trip with us and he finally agreed.

It took us longer than expected to get to Vermont because we were having tire problems and then when we got to Vermont, we took the wrong way and got STUCK in the snow in the middle of nowhere after dark. Obviously, my sister and I got out of the car to take pictures, haha, while everyone else shoveled. We got back inside the car because we got scared and it was dark outside. After probably about 30 minutes, both of our cars were free and we took another way to get to our airbnb. It was the of the craziest and scariest moments of the trips. It was pitch black out so thank God for our high beams because we would’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere with no light. Thank God we had our walkie talkies because that’s how we were able to communicate with one another while on the road because there was also no service.

Our airbnb was so cozy! I took tons of pictures so it might be in another post. It was pretty much like a “cabin”. First floor was the living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom. Upstairs had the bedrooms and another bathroom.

It was so cute and cozy. I was literally in love with the entire place. The first night there, we just went grocery shopping and bought food for the next two nights. It was way better to buy food than go to a restaurant because it was just cheaper and easier to cook it ourselves. The first time, we just played games, cooked and got cozy in our cabin-like airbnb.

I’m not dressed ideally for Vermont since it’s FREEZING up there but it’s okay, I was warm enough for the car ride and in the cabin.

My blue gloves were gifted to me as a Christmas present from my supervisor. It was soft and kept me warm. I believe it’s from Tj Maxx or Marshalls but you can find an identical pair anywhere. Boots are the same old that I wear in literally every post, haha. They’re from DSW. Pants are from H&M. They’re high waisted, stretchy and so comfortable. Tugs my body but not too tight. It was only about $15! Shirt is from Wet Seal. It’s a halter top that I adore and it’s super soft. I have it in pink that you will see in a future post as well haha. The cardigan is old from 3 years ago and is from Wet Seal, too. I’m not sure where the scarf is from but you can find similar ones at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, etc. I’m obsessed with the color and patterns and it goes well with my gloves and halter top. So cute! And the beanie is from H&M. Stole it from my boyfriend who bought it during the holidays a couple years ago.

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