Keep It Professional

Blazers and button ups are my definite go-to for professional office-wear clothing.

My office, like I’ve stated a few times, is business casual so nobody really wears a blazer to work. There are a few people who do but I think it’s because they’re higher up in the department. But other than that, I usually see my coworkers wearing button ups or a nice shirt. No one really dresses over the top.

You can barely see the color in my photos but my button up is a striped purple button up. I had a hard time tucking in my button up, as you can see in the photos, but when I did tuck my shirt in all the way in, it looked fine! You can either tuck in your shirt or let it loose. My shirt is fairly tight on me and is very fitted so I decided to tuck it in (even though the photos say otherwise about the fit but believe me, it fits!). I bought this button up in a size 2 in H&M. I believe it was $15! Such a steal. H&M is my usual go to place when finding professional wear but sometimes, their sizes can run a bit small and I can have a hard time finding clothes that fit me, but a majority of the time, I usually find a size that fits me well.

I love the color of this blazer. The color of the button up resembles the color of the blazer, which is why I paired them together. Believe it or not, the sleeves are actually the same length as my button up, but in the photos, they look shorter. But I didn’t mind though! I think the “cuffed look” looks great! Most people usually fold over their cuffs over their blazer and it looks like I did that with this look, so I got exactly what I wanted. It’s fine to have your sleeves the same length as your blazer but if your sleeves are way too longer, you can fold them over your blazer, or you can just fold them over in general to align with the sleeves of the blazer. I believe I bought the blazer from Loft in a size 2!

As for my pants, they are from Loft! Loft has the best pants! My pants are a size 2. They actually fit me really well even though I have a hard time fitting into women sizes! It looks baggy on my butt area but other than that, it fit me perfectly on my legs, thighs waist. The pants didn’t fall over and I didn’t have to keep pulling them up. Loft is a great place for professional wear. Definitely recommend going there. Their prices are somewhat expensive but their sales are even better!

You can’t see the shoes in the photos but I wore black flats from 599fashion. They were so comfy but didn’t keep me warm from the wind and cold! I think flats look better on dress pants. If you commute, you can always wear boots on the train/bus and then switch into flats when you arrive to your destination. I tried wearing boots with this outfit and just came to a conclusion that flats always look better with dress pants.

I wasn’t able to find the exact products I was wearing but I linked alternatives down below if you’re interested!

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