You’ll most likely always find me in a dress no matter the weather.

This outfit was on a Sunday, a couple weeks back, when I was hanging out with my family. I didn’t put my full face on – just eyebrow makeup and eyeliner. We were going out to eat and I wanted to look decent but didn’t want to over-do my makeup, so went lightly with the makeup.

I love stripes. Most of the clothes I own are some sort of stripes. This dress is from H&M. (SIMILAR ONE HERE) It’s thick so I definitely recommend for weather that is 40 degrees and above. The fabric isn’t soft but it isn’t rough or unbearable to wear. It kept me warm and am totally in love with it. The length was long enough and totally appropriate if I decided to wear it to work. The sleeves were long but short enough to wear for a nice day that wasn't too cold or too hot.

The scarf doesn’t go with the dress because my dress is already a patterned form but I wanted to mix and match stripes. My scarf is from TJ Maxx. (SIMILAR ONE HERE) It, of course, is stripes, but in blue, white and black. I should’ve worn a solid color to go with the scarf but I like playing around with different patterns, but in this case, the same patterns. I think it looked fine with the dress because the dress and scarf may be the same patterns, but they are in opposite directions. The dress goes from up to down while the scarf is from left to right and it has tassels on them, so I personally think they looked fine together. Others may disagree but that’s okay, I think it’s important to play around with designs and patterns and have fun with your outfits.

Tights are from Primark. I bought them in a batch. They’re pretty light and transparent, which was what I specifically wanted for this outfit. These tights are good to wear for 50 degrees and higher.

Boots are the same boots I always wear, from DSW, (SIMILAR ONE HERE) as seen HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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