Striped Button Up

For those of you who have not caught on yet, I love stripes.

My sister gave me some of her old clothes. I saw this shirt and immediately had to make an outfit out of it. I had a meeting this day (Feb 6) and decided to look a little more professional. My shirt is see-through but I am wearing a beige tank top underneath (from Primark) so no, my stomach is not showing through my shirt, it is a tank top, haha. The button up is from Loft. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It is an extra small. I love the beige/tannish colors and adore tan and black together. It is a little big on me but I love this color combination. It is see-through but the fabric is soft and nice. Definitely professional for an office. I adore the pockets on the shirt. I think it makes the shirt look even better.

The pants are from Primark. SIMILAR ONE HERE. They’re stetchy, comfortable and fit me really well. They're low-rise. The fabric is decent. I literally own 5 of these pants from Primark. YES, FIVE. I have five of these exact same pants and I don’t care, haha. So yes, they are technically the same pants I wear over and over, but also not really. You can see these pants in THIS POST.

I went to work without tucking in my shirt but I wished I did tuck it in. I think it looks so much better tucked in, right?!

The shoes are not shown and are black regular flats from 599fashion. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

What do you guys wear to a meeting?

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