Off the Shoulder Bodysuit + Girlfriend Jeans

This is the outfit I wore for Day 2 of Philadelphia.

I styled boyfriend jeans with a revealing bodysuit on the previous post, so I decided to style “girlfriend jeans” with a “non-revealing” bodysuit.

These are the same jeans from THIS POST. They’re somewhat called “girlfriend jeans” and I absolutely adore these jeans. I love the color, the the design and how distressed it is. I’m not normally a denim person but if the jeans are distressed, I would most likely wear them. They’re mid-rise. These jeans are TIGHT. They’re not tight to the point I can’t breathe but they fit me everywhere. I didn’t have a problem with it sliding off my waist since I do have a small waist. The color is supposed to be black but it has faded to a dark gray color now. I absolutely adore these jeans. They were on sale from Wet Seal. (Still sad that they are closing.) And the jeans aren’t too long either. They fit me perfectly and extend to my ankles. A lot of my jeans are long on me, but not this one. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I did have a wardrobe malfunction. I was having problems trying to style this bodysuit from 599fashion. I later realized from my sister that I can “fold” the shirt instead of having the folds so close to my neck. I love off the shoulder clothes. I think it’s cute and although I had somewhat of a wardrobe malfunction, I did like this bodysuit. It was soft and not too tight, although the bodysuit did show my “blubber” whenever I sat down or turned a certain angle. Nonetheless, it’s a cute bodysuit – I just need to do abs to get rid of those “blubbers.” The bodysuit did give me an illusion that I had bigger boobs than I normally did. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Because it was too much gray on gray, I decided to wear white and give it a little contrast. The cardigan is from Macy’s. It’s thick. The weather in Philly was about 65 degrees so it did keep me warm when the wind blew. AN INEXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE HERE.

Flats are from 599fashion. I have a black version in THIS POST. They fit me perfectly and are comfortable but it does squeak when I walk. And pulling the zipper at the back can be annoying and hard sometimes. But nonetheless the shoes worked well on my feet.

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