Cropping It

Here in New England, the weather is unpredictable.

Last week, the weather was in the 30s and now (this day) it’s in the 50s. To me, 50 degrees is fairly warm – windy but not too cold. I decided to wear a crop top. This crop top is from H&M. Most of my clothes are either from Primark, H&M, Wet Seal or thrifted, if you haven’t caught on. It’s in a size small and it’s not tight or loose. It fit me perfectly. I absolutely love stripes and I thought the color combination on this shirt was pretty! The shirt is super comfortable to wear. It’s not too cropped so my belly didn’t show, but that’s because I wore high waisted pants.

My high waisted pants are from American Apparel. They are PERFECT. They’re pretty much jeggings. They tug on my body and outline it. It gives me a little butt and makes my legs and butt look defined and good. I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror, if that’s not too weird to admit. I love how these pants make my body looks nice. It’s not too tight so it gives me room to breathe while outlining my features. I definitely recommend buying these pants. They make you look and feel good! These pants were high enough to cover my belly so even though I was wearing a crop top, it didn’t show my belly whatsoever. It showed a little when I moved my arms up but that’s about it. This is honestly how I get away with wearing a crop top to work. I wear high waisted pants and “tuck” my crop top in and then, it doesn’t even look inappropriate – looks totally professional.

My shoes are not shown but they are from 599fashion. They were on sale for $8! It squeaks when I walk SOMETIMES, which sucks, but they’re comfortable. I haven’t had blisters or any marks on my feet, so that’s good!

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