Bodysuits + Dress Pants

I’m all about putting things together and making them work.

I don’t think people normally wear dress pants with bodysuits, but I wanted to pair these two together. My dress pants are from H&M. They’re a size 4 and they were pretty tight on me on my stomach area unfortunately. You can tell by the photos that they are tight on my stomach area and also, I had trouble buttoning up my pants. Once I buttoned them, I didn’t have a problem with my pants after. It wasn’t tight on my legs or any other part of my body. It fit perfectly and outlined my figure. The only thing I didn’t like was that you can see my bodysuit through the back. The fabric is thick but not thick enough to cover my bodysuit lines, but that’s fine. I had a cardigan over. I think if I wore a different colored pants, then the outline of my bodysuit wouldn’t have shown.

My bodysuit is from Wet Seal. Similar one HERE. I love this bodysuit because it outlines my body. It showed my stomach especially since my pants were tight, but I think the two went well together. The pants were tight but they weren’t too tight. And my bodysuit wasn’t revealing. You couldn’t even tell it was a bodysuit. I didn’t take the cardigan off and people just assumed I tucked in my shirt. Even if you wear a bodysuit, pair it up with dress pants and the outfit will totally look appropriate for work.

Cardigan is from H&M. The fabric isn’t thick but it was thick enough to keep me warm and cozy. Everybody needs a black cardigan in their closet since it goes with everything. I chose to wear black also to match with the stripes of the bodysuit.

Finally, the scarf is from Primark. Similar one HERE. I wanted a little pop of color in my outfit so that’s why I chose pink. I like playing around with colors and pairing two different items together. I think I totally pulled it off well.

Flats aren’t shown, but I wore black flats from 599fashion.

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