Styling Men's Sweaters

Guys honestly have the best clothes.

Forever 21 Men’s Sweater in L  (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Jeans (SIMILAR HERE) || Target Coat (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

Day 4 of California.

I have a striped red bodysuit underneath my sweater but I knew it was going to be cold in San Francisco, so I took the sweater my sister bought from Forever 21. She bought it in the men’s section and honestly, I loved it because of the slits/distressed look. It’s completely comfortable and cozy. It is oversized on me but I love oversized sweaters. I adore this sweater and I think it’ll look good on any gender. The distressed look gives the outfit a nicer look and it definitely kept me warm in San Francisco. Although it was huge on me and the sleeves fell down my arm and past my wrists, it was still comfortable and cute to wear. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

You can definitely wear leggings or tights with this sweater since it’s long enough, but I had Primark jeans on. I had a bodysuit on so I originally thought I was going to wear just the bodysuit and jeans but it was so cold that I threw the sweater on top, and it helped to keep me warm! The jeans fit me and I didn’t have any problems with it. They were comfortable to wear. You’ve probably seen these jeans IN THIS POST. I call them pants all the time but they’re technically jeans. And they’re so affordable and comfortable. I wish Primark was worldwide so you can get good deals, too. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I styled this sweater with the same old boots I always wear. I think these boots fit the “oversized men’s sweater look” because it gives me a “tough chick” vibe or at least, to me it does. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I stole the coat from my mom but she got it from Target. It was big enough for me to layer up which was how I was able to wear an oversized sweater underneath. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

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