Red + Orange Tones Combination

I love playing around with colors and putting them together.

Orangey F21 dress (IN OLIVE HERE) || Plaid coat (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || DSW Boots (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Scarf (SIMILAR HERE)

Orange and red are typical colors that I think are normal to wear together, or at least to me. So I decided to put those colors together.

I never really wear orange so this shade of orange was different for me. I love button ups and loved how it was a dress, and decided to buy it. It’s a long sleeves dress. It’s silky and flowy. I didn’t have a problem with it being tight on my arms nor was it a bodycon dress. It was loose on my body and comfortable to wear. The color definitely reminds me of Halloween and pumpkins, but I thought it was fine. Sometimes, I have a hard time wearing beige, tan, orange or yellow because it looks weird with my skin color. This color did resemble somewhat closely to my skin color, but I decided to wear it anyway. I love the material and I’ve been into silk lately, so you’ll probably see a lot of silk dresses in the future. The dress is above my knees, although it does look shorter when I sit or move, but it isn’t as short as it looks. I think a belt on the waist would make the outfit look better or help to give me a figure, but I personally liked it plain. OLIVE VERSION HERE.

You’ve seen this plaid coat before IN THIS POST. I decided to pair it up with this red plaid coat because I personally thought the colors worked well with each other. The dress is so simple and I thought it needed a design, hence why I threw on the plaid coat. I would be careful with layering up because too many layers would make the coat feel “tight” and “bulky” but thankfully, I didn’t have that problem. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Of course, before I threw on the coat, I put on a beige cardigan FROM THIS POST because it was going to be 20 degrees, I needed to be warm! The cardigan is a lot shorter than the dress, but that’s okay. It was more for warmth, but the beige color did go with the orangey tone and red plaid coat. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I threw on the Primark scarf (SIMILAR HERE) for warmth but also to match the black Primark tights (SIMILAR HERE) and black DSW boots (SIMILAR HERE). What can I say? I like to match a lot. Also, because the outfit did look a little too plain without the scarf.

I wish I ironed the dress but nonetheless, it still looked nice! I definitely think button dresses are completely appropriate for work, so definitely recommend.

ALSO, when wearing dresses and you want to stay warm, it’s important to layer up! For long sleeves dress, definitely put a thermal shirt or a regular shirt underneath and THICK TIGHTS. The one I’m wearing is 40 denier but if you don’t have a high tolerance for the cold, wear 80 denier tights – they’ll keep you warmer. Or black cable knit tights if you refuse to wear leggings with your dresses. I also stay warm by wearing knee high boots or even thigh high boots. Wearing ankle boots exposes your legs to the cold so the longer your boots, the more covered your legs will be and the warmer you’ll be overall!

Back home in Boston and it feels so good to be home!


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