White Dress + Caramel Tones

I never really wear white or light colored dresses that often because I’m terrified of spilling something and/or because it’s too see-through.

Forever 21 Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || DSW Boots (SIMILAR HERE)

This dress looks a little bit too similar to this dress IN THIS POST, but they’re completely different dresses, even in color, although it does not look like it. BUT I saw this dress in Forever 21 (size XS) when I was in California and I just had to buy it regardless of the white/beige color. It was on sale and the material was thick (not too thick but thick enough for me) and I just couldn’t say no. The dress fits me perfectly. It’s stretchy so I didn’t have a problem with putting it on or taking it off and it outlined my body so nice. Unfortunately, it did show my tights’ line up close but from far away, you couldn’t see it. If you’re within 5 feet of me or if you just flat out have a good vision, you can see the tights’ line but other than that, you couldn’t really tell. In the photos below, you can’t really see the line, so that’s good! The sleeves aren’t long but they’re also not too short. They go passed my elbow. I adore this dress. It’s a great “winter” dress but also a good dress to wear for a casual day or even a night out. It’s a bodycon dress. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Because it’s a bodycon dress, it outlined my body completely but it wasn’t too tight. It still outlined my butt area so I threw on this cardigan from THIS POST & THIS POST. It’s thick and I adore the color! It kept me warm in my office and for those of you who don’t know, my office is always freezing! This was long enough to compliment the length of my dress and also thick enough to keep me warm, although it wasn’t too cold outside. SIMILAR ONE HERE. The dress may be inappropriate for an office setting, but that's okay, because I covered it up with a cardigan.

I wore these brown boots from DSW in size 7 FROM THIS POST to compliment the caramel toned cardigan and I think they it went perfectly together. I still don’t wear these boots that often because every time I walk, the zippers in the middle hit each other and it just interferes with my walking and it makes me have to walk a certain way to avoid the boots touching each other. But other than that, I love how thick the boots are. They’re knee high boots and can totally be worn in the snow or rain! SIMILAR ONE HERE.


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