Travel With Me To: Lyon Street Steps

Lyon St is another street in San Francisco.

My sister and I decided to go to the Lyon Street Steps because it’s supposedly one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco.

Before we got there, she warned me ahead of time that there were going to be a lot of steps and that I will be out of breath. I didn’t think too much of it because I thought she was exaggerating.

We were able to find street parking and we walked up a small set of stairs and thought, “That’s it? Not too bad.” Too pictures and then, saw another small set of stairs and walked up there and THEN, I saw more stairs and said, “Oh, you’re kidding me.” And my sister said, “I told you!” My mom reacted the same way and said, “We’re going up all those stairs?!” She took more breaks than I did on the way up so thankfully, she understood how I felt but that’s probably because we’re both out of shape and unhealthy. My sister literally ran up those steps. I could never.

These steps are famous for their view of the city. You can see the ocean and the skyline. And I’ll admit, it was a pretty view but there was a huge tree blocking most of my view so I was a little disappointed. It definitely was worth the hike because the houses are beautiful and colorful. You also get to see the Palace of Fine Arts, the bay and it’s just nice to take in the view and the air.

We stayed at the top for 10 minutes and when we were about to walk down, my mom yells, “WAIT. We came up this way for pictures and now we’re going back down?!” Safe to say, my mom hates hiking and stairs just like me, haha.

It’s not as touristy as Lombard St. Lyon Street is a rather quiet place with barely that much noise, or at least when we were there. It’s a nice place to see the view and to get away from the madness of the city and all of the tourists. I can definitely see why people live in the area. It’s peaceful and calming and the view is just amazing.

Even if you hate walking and hiking, I definitely recommend going here because the view is spectacular. And if you’re a runner or an athlete, these steps are a dream because I guarantee you that it will help whip you into shape!

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