Shades of Beige

I think beige is a good color on everyone.

Forever 21 Cami || Charlotte Russe Top (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Jacket (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Trenchcoat (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

I absolutely adore this shirt from Charlotte Russe. It’s flowy and I love the “v-cut” of the shirt. You can totally wear it to the club and put a bralette underneath but I wanted to wear this to work and make it appropriate, so I added a white cami from Forever 21 underneath. The shirt is loose-flowly and I love the design of the sleeves. It’s a little long and goes past my wrists but I didn’t mind because I absolutely adore the sleeves. I think it’s chic and stylish. I also love the “ruffled look” of the shirt. I think it makes the shirt look classier and chic. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

It was a little chilly out so I threw on this light loft XS LOFT dark beige jacket on. It’s practically a light trenchcoat but I wore it as a “cardigan” and didn’t take the jacket off while working since my office is always cold. It’s long enough to wear as a dress where you can button up the jacket and put tights on underneath. I’ve done it before and I think it’s totally acceptable and fine. It’s a light jacket and gets tied at the back. Some people would find the knot annoying in the back especially when you lean back and the knot is in the way, but personally, it didn’t bother me. I didn’t find it to be annoying. But I love the color. I love that it’s a darker shade of beige and I loved layering the outfit with this light jacket. The sleeves aren’t tight but it is tighter than the sleeves on my shirt so that’s why the sleeves of my shirt didn’t flow through the sleeves of my jacket. I couldn’t easily pushed the sleeves out, but I personally like the look like this. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I then threw on this SMALL Beige Loft Trenchcoat over it for more warmth since it was chilly out. It’s thick and the shade is similar to the jacket. The sleeves are long, but I like it long so that I can just tuck my hands in them from the cold. There’s a belt to tie the coat tighter and buttons. I did both, but it’s not shown in the pictures. The fabric is soft and thick. It’s a suede material and it buttons all the way up to the collar but I didn’t button it all the way. If it was colder, I would have buttoned it to the collar to keep my neck warm but it wasn’t too cold out. The coat also has big pockets. I went shopping with this coat and put my keys, phone and wallet in the pockets and didn’t have a problem. It didn’t even fall out or feel like it was falling out. And I love how thick this trenchoat is because it kept me warm and it allowed me to layer up without looking too bulky. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Pants are from Wet Seal and for those who do not know, Wet Seal closed down about two months ago. The pants are a little loose even though it’s an extra small. I constantly had to pull them up because it kept falling down, but it did fit me on the legs and thighs. It’s also stretchy and low-rise, so definitely tuck in your shirts so that way, your skin isn’t showing while you’re at work. I tucked in my cami but let my shirt flow freely. I decided to wear gray because I think gray works well with beige colors and I personally think the colors look well together. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Shoes are from 599fashion. SIMILAR ONE HERE.


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