Pop Of Color With Red Orangey Tones

It’s hard transitioning to Spring especially when it’s still 40 degrees and below in Boston.

Primark Red Orangey Shirt size 4 (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Blazer (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Pants size 4 (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots size 8 (SIMILAR HERE)

(Outfit is from March 23rd.) Originally, I was going to just wear this red orangey shirt from Primark size 4. This shirt is a loose-flowing shirt. It’s not tight on me whatsoever. It’s not supposed to tug my body or outline my body. I bought this shirt because of the color and because I love the designs and texture on the wrist area of the shirt. I think it’s different and so chic! So originally I was going to wear just this shirt (and a coat over it) but it was freezing this day. It was about 30-40 degrees so I threw on an additional blazer. I normally tuck in my shirts when I wear a blazer but I personally thought this shirt was too flowy and loose to tuck it and left it down. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

This blazer is NOT the same blazer FROM THIS POST. I actually wear this blazer a lot. It’s pretty lengthy as it covers my butt almost entirely and the sleeves go past my wrists. I think it’s safe to say that the blazer might be a little too big on me, but so are most of my clothes, and I think that’s okay as long as I work with/around them. The blazer wasn’t too big on me and it was pretty comfortable. It was thick enough to keep me warm and I think the length fit perfectly for my size. I liked the buttons and I normally don’t ever button my blazer – I tend to just leave my blazer open. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Pants are size 4 from Primark. They resemble my H&M pants a lot but they’re from Primark. They fit my legs, thighs and waist really well. It does tug on my stomach a little since it’s high waisted but they’re not too tight. I adore Primark pants! They’re also “pull up” pants, so they don’t have zippers but they do have belt loops in case I want to wear a belt. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Shoes are from 599fashion size 8.

I’m not sure where the coat is from but you can find a SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s not to be confused with THIS COAT. But the coat definitely helped me keep warm since it was pretty thick and I love how roomy it is to let me layer up without looking bulky.

I love wearing blazers to work. It’s appropriate for an office setting and you can wear blazers all year round.


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