Travel With Me To: San Jose Museums

My sister and I visited two museums when we were in San Jose and both were free because we had a Bank of America card.

The first museum we went to was the Tech Museum of Innovation. We didn’t bother to research it because it was free and when we went inside, apparently it’s a museum for children because there were kids and their parents everywhere. We didn’t get the memo so we just showed up without kids.

Even though it was a museum for children, we surprisingly had a good time. I thought the exhibits they had were pretty cool. It was a museum that taught us about technology and how and why the universe came to be. It’s definitely a learning experience. I loved learning about the exhibits and taking short quizzes after to see how much I know and/or learned.

I absolutely adored playing with the objects and getting frustrated because I didn’t know what was going on, haha. Even though it’s for kids, I do recommend this museum because it is fun and innovating. I personally think kids would love it here too because not only are they learning about technology and the universe, but they also get to play with the objects.

They also have a gift shop and a lot of the items were cute little puns. It’s definitely funny and ideal for people who are into technology.

The second museum we went to was the San Jose Museum of Art. Honestly, it is the smallest museum I have ever been to. One exhibit was closed but we still went through the other exhibits in less than 45 minutes. I think we spent a total of maybe 30-40 minutes in the museum.

Even though it was small, I did like the photographs and the exhibits. I thought they were interesting and eye-catching. They had a specific exhibit where they encourage you to put your phone down and experience the exhibit. It was more of a meditation exhibit because they had chairs for you to sit down and relax, and curtains if you want privacy when meditating. I honestly really liked that part of the exhibit because it let me sit down and soak in all of the art.

Their gift shop was small and I was disappointed because they didn't have any post cards or keychains - two things I normally buy for souvenirs.

They had a cafe but we decided to go elsewhere for cheaper food.

Nonetheless, we had fun going to both of these museums.

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