Pairing Blazers with Denim and Bright Tops

A lot of people find it weird that I wear blazers with denim jeans.

H&M Denim jeans || Wet Seal Blazer (SIMILAR HERE) || Charlotte Russe Top (SIMILAR HERE) || Forever 21 Cami || 599fashion ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

I think wearing blazers with denim is perfectly fine. Sure, the outfit looks better with dress pants, but I think blazers make any outfit seem a bit more business friendly. If you work in a business casual office where you guys have “Denim Friday” and you’re allowed to wear opened-toe shoes, then this outfit is perfect for you! Pairing a blazer with denim gives you a relaxed, casual but professional look. My office is definitely business casual and everybody wears denim or opened-toe shoes. I’ve even seen my colleagues wear sweat pants to work. SWEAT PANTS. For my office, denim and blazers aren’t actually weird at all.

My blazer is from Wet Seal. For those of you who do not know, they shut down a couple months ago. My blazer is more of a cropped blazer, but I absolutely adore the length. The sleeves are a bit long on me, so for those of you who find long sleeves annoying, alternations will definitely be needed. Long sleeves aren’t too big of a deal for me, especially since my office is cold all year long. I like the long sleeves. I like the little zipper pockets and the collars. It’s also soft and perfect for me. There’s also a button if I wanted my outfit to be closed. SIMILAR HERE.

I think denim and blazers are absolutely fine, depending on the denim. Definitely do no wear distressed denim. I think all black denim jeans are perfectly acceptable because from a far perspective, they somewhat look like dress pants. So if you do work in a business attire office and ran out of dress pants, try wearing black denim jeans and have a loose top cover the belt loops. My denim jeans are from H&M. They’re high waisted. You can definitely wear low-rise or mid-rise jeans with your blazers.

I tucked in my cami underneath but I let my top flow. If you want to hide the fact that you’re wearing denim to work, wear a loose and longer top to hide the belt loops and match a blazer with the same length. If you’re going for the layered look, wearing a cropped blazer is totally appropriate as well. For this outfit, I wore a loose t-shirt and let it hang loose instead of tucking it in and it did a good job covering my belt loops and part of my denim jeans. I decided to wear a “pop of color” top to offset the denim. If you don’t want people to notice your denim jeans, try distracting it with a fancier top, that way, more people will notice the top instead of the actual jeans. My top is from Charlotte Russe and I absolutely adore this color. I love the pop of color and I think it makes the outfit definitely more relaxed and casual, but still professional. SIMILAR HERE.

For a more business than casual outfit, pair the outfit with flats, for a more professional look. I was going for the relaxed, casual with a hint of professionalism, so I decided to wear my regular black ankle boots. SIMILAR HERE. If your office is strictly business attire, you can try wearing short-heeled pumps or flats. If flats bother your feet, definitely bring a back up pair of shoes to switch into at the end of the day. I like the black ankle boots with the denim jeans and blazer look for a more casual look. The blazer gave it a little hint of professionalism.

This shows that you don’t necessarily need to dress in all business attire to be professional. You can throw on a blazer and some pointy flats on and it’ll give your outfit a hint of business and professionalism.


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