Floral Patterned Pants

Outside of work, I tend to dress a little differently.

F21 Floral Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || F21 Cami || Macy’s White Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Flats (SIMILAR HERE)

When I’m at work, I try to dress conservative and professional. I try to make sure I’m not showing too much skin and nothing is too tight. But outside of work, I couldn’t care less if my boobs are showing or if I’m dressed inappropriately.

My outfit today isn’t inappropriate at all, but it is different from how I dress from work.

I love florals so when I saw these floral pants in my sister’s closet, I stole them! They’re technically called joggers or sweatpants. But I see them as just regular pants. I think these pants are awesome because they’re not tight and they’re fun! I love the colors and the designs. I like how they’re stretchy. In the picture below, these pants make my butt look awkward but I promise you, these pants did give my butt a little lift. The only reason the photo below is so awkward is because I tucked in my Forever 21 cami so it made my outfit from the back look a little bulky, but that’s fine. I think everybody should have some sort of “fun pants” in their wardrobe to spice things up. I love how these pants have an elastic waistband where I can tighten up my pants if I want or make them loose. The designs and patterns on these pants make the pants look more interesting. I think it makes my outfit stand out and look great! And the best part is that these pants aren’t see-through! I don’t have to worry if my underwear line is showing or if you can see my exact underwear, which is a plus for me! So if you are ever hesitant about getting patterned pants or joggers, consider getting them because you might come up with an outfit that you’ll love. My pants are from Forever 21 – SIMILAR HERE.

It was somewhat cold in the morning so I covered up with a cardigan from Macy’s, as seen in THIS POST. It definitely kept me warm but it did get warmer later on in the day, so I ended up taking the cardigan off. This cardigan is great for winters or cold weathers. SIMILAR HERE.

I paired this outfit with beige flats, as seen in this post. I thought beige would look great with this outfit because beige matches every color. I didn’t want to wear black or white flats in case it was too matching, so I paired this outfit up with beige flats. I think the beige flats help make the outfit look nicer and pulls it all in together. SIMILAR HERE.


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