Crop Sweaters

A rainy day won’t stop me from taking pictures.

TOSAVE Crop Sweater || Wet Seal Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion VEST || Primark Shoes (SIMILAR HERE)

Sure, I’m a little crazy for taking pictures in the rain, but that’s okay. The weather here in Boston won’t stop me from taking pictures and going on adventures.

My crop top is from TOSAVE. You’ve probably seen my previous post about their company. If not, TOSAVE is an online e-commerce company that offers so many different categories at such a reasonable price. Some categories include clothing, makeup, electronics, video games, etc. All of their prices are so affordable and you can literally find anything you need on this website.

My crop top is a sweater! It’s so fuzzy, fluffy and warm. It surprisingly kept me warm in the rainy weather in Boston. I know a lot of people think crop sweaters are weird, but I personally like them! I have a couple so when I saw this cropped sweater online, I HAD to get it! The sweater is definitely fuzzy but it’s soft. It’s stretchy and it’s also a turtleneck. It was windy, raining and in the 40s this day, and surprisingly, this sweater did keep me warm. The turtleneck kept me warm and it was pretty stretchy. I didn’t have a problem with putting the sweater on. Sometimes, I get nervous putting on a turtleneck shirt because I think the neck won’t fit, but this sweater was stretchy and it was no problem for me! Of course, I was still a little chilly but for the most part, this sweater kept me warm! The length of the sleeves was great. It wasn’t too long or too short. It went right up to my wrists and was an appropriate length. The quality of the shirt was great, too! I adore it. At first, I thought the sweater might be itchy because of the fuzziness, but it wasn’t at all. It was super comfortable, stretchy and warm. I adore this crop sweater and totally recommend this.

Pants are from Wet Seal. I wear these pants all the time. You can see it in THIS POST. It’s stretchy, soft and great quality. They are mid-rise pants because they’re comfortable. They’re known as “moleton pants” or “stretchy pencil pants.” I paired the black crop sweater with these gray pants because I didn’t want the outfit to be black on black. I thought gray was a perfect neutral color to match with this crop sweater and I adore how the outcome of the outfit turned out! Black and gray are such a great color combination. SIMILAR HERE.

My vest is my favorite part of this outfit. I bought this from 599fashion. I love the color. Army green is such a great color! And army green with black and gray is such a great color combination. I never really wear vests but I decided to branch into them and try them! This vest is super soft and fuzzy! I love how soft is feels. The material is amazing and it’s super comfortable. And I love the length of this vest. Sure, it may be “too long” but I adore the length. I think it’s perfect. This vest can also look good with a crop top and skirt! I totally recommend this vest. It’s cute and it’s pretty thick. It kept me somewhat warm in the rain and cold. The quality is amazing for the price and it’s just different for my fashion sense, so I’m glad I bought this vest and branched into trying vests.

My shoes are from Primark. I have a navy blue version IN THIS POST. They’re pretty much tennis shoes or “fake vans.” But I adore them and I think these shoes make the outfit complete! SIMILAR HERE.

I do recommend just because it is so inexpensive, and honestly, it’s somewhat like eBay, because you can find literally anything and everything on it. However, I will say that it is an online store FROM CHINA. Something similar to aliexpress or any Chinese wholesale company. I was a little skeptical at first but the communication with the company was amazing. They answered me in a timely manner and answered all of my questions.

I know what you’re thinking – shopping from China is a hit or miss. YES, IT IS. Same when I buy items from China on ebay or Aliexpress or any other Chinese website. The prices are unbeatable, though. They’re so inexpensive and you literally just can’t say no to the price, which is why I continue to to shop from Chinese websites. Yes, all items are hit or miss, but I think it’s worth taking the risks. And thankfully, I didn’t have that “miss” problem with this item. I genuinely love this top, and didn’t necessarily have a problem with it. I thought the quality was decent and definitely didn't have a problem with them. Sure, it's not top notch quality but the quality wasn't bad either. It was definitely a hit for me, so I do recommend taking that risk with TOSAVE.

However, shipping time may take long, depending on where you are from. I’m from Boston and these products, I believe, were either shipped on March 23 or early April. And I didn’t receive them until the first week of May. I somewhat forgot about the package until I came home and saw it on my doorstep. So if you’re impatient and need your clothing right away, then this website may not be for you. But if you’re patient or easily forget your packages and like being surprised with one when you come home, then I do recommend this site! Unfortunately, they do not offer a tracking number so you WILL have to be patient, but their customer service rep reassured me that it was on the way and even screenshot proof that they shipped it out. A++ for customer service.

And also, make sure to READ YOUR SIZE DESCRIPTION. Asian sizing can be a lot smaller than American sizing (or whichever country you’re from) so double check the sizing charts. I typically wear XS-S so I decided to get a small in these products and I didn’t have a problem with them. It fit me perfectly. So if you’re unsure what sizes to get, double check the sizing charts and maybe order a size bigger, just in case!

I definitely recommend looking into TOSAVE.COM. It doesn't hurt to check the site out and it doesn't hurt to take a risk and buy something. You never know - you might love the product and have a great experience. I totally recommend it.


DISCLAIMER: Crop sweater was gifted to me by TOSAVE but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.



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