Color In The Office

Who said professional clothing has to be boring?

Loft Red Blazer size 4 (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Tube Top (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion Black ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

Somewhat like my previous post where I wore red, here’s yet another post of me wearing red in the office. I think red is a great color and looks great on everybody. Instead of wearing the typical black, gray, navy blue, brown colors in the office, I think it’s fine to spice things up and add a little color – for example, red.

My top is a floral tube top from Wet Seal in an extra small. Even though it’s an XS, it’s still pretty loose on me and I like it because it’s also padded. I hate wearing bras so I love tops that are already padded for me. As much as I hate bras, I still wear them, of course, but if I can find a way to not wear them, I will. I love the colors of this top. It’s colorful and is already a statement on its own, but I wanted to add a little more color.

My top is already colorful, containing green, pink, orange, and red but I wanted to make my outfit stand out even more. I decided to throw on this red blazer in a size 4 from Loft. A size 4 is a little too big on me but I personally didn’t mind. I think the blazer still looked good on me. The sleeves weren’t long on me at all and it wasn’t too baggy on me. I love how soft and thick it is. It was a little chilly this today but the blazer definitely kept me warm! Wearing red will make you stand out, no matter where you are. Most of my colleagues typically wear neutral or dark toned colors so any time someone wears red, that person stands out! Working in an office doesn’t mean you have to wear dark colors all the time. It’s good to add color to your life and red is the perfect color to wear. You can wear it during any season and it looks great on everyone.

My pants are from H&M in a size 4. They’re different than the typical pants I normally wear because these pants zip up and button up on the side! There are no zippers or buttons in the middle like regular pants. It was a little tight on my stomach but I didn’t have a problem zipping it up. The pants are a little tight but I didn’t a problem wearing them or putting them on. And my blazer covered up my butt so it wasn’t entirely inappropriate to wear to work! The material isn’t stretchy or soft. They kind of feel like denim jeans but not as thick. I personally love H&M pants because they fit me great and I just think they’re professional for an office setting.

Because it was cold, I just paired this outfit up with my black ankle boots. My black ankle boots aren’t “professional” or “business attire” but I paired this outfit up with these boots just simply because it was cold out, and because the black boots matched my pants and top! I wanted the focus to be on my red blazer so I purposely wore black on black. I wanted my blazer to be a statement on it’s own so I kept my pants and shoes black.

How do you spice up your wardrobe for the office?


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