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T’is the weather for maxi skirts.

Shein maxi skirt || Charlotte Russe lace top (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion flats (SIMILAR HERE)

With warmer weather, it means time for maxi skirts and maxi dresses. Spring and summer are the perfect time to wear maxi skirts and dresses.

My maxi skirt is definitely long on me because I’m fairly short, 5 feet flat, but I love this skirt! It’s pretty thick so you can definitely wear it in chilly weather and during the fall. I love the material because it’s not see-through and it keeps me warm and cozy! It was somewhat chilly this day so this skirt definitely kept me warm. I’m obsessed with florals so of course I chose to wear a floral maxi skirt. It’s super comfortable and the material is great! I love the colors of the skirt because it’s so easy to match with these colors. Who doesn’t like wearing an item with multiple colors on it? The more colors on it, the easier it is to match! I adore all the colors on this skirt and I just think this skirt is great for spring, summer and fall! You can definitely wear it all year long.

This skirt is from SheIN or Shein. I honestly thought shipping was going to take a month but I received this skirt in a week and a half! That’s amazing! On their website, they mentioned it takes 6-8 business days and they were right! I received this right on time, even though I genuinely thought I was going to receive this a month later. Fast shipping, amazing quality, amazing product! I love this maxi skirt. It may be too thick for summer but it is good for chilly and not-so-blazing-hot weather. The buttons and zipper are on the side and I didn’t have a problem zipping it up. The skirt is a size small and it fit me perfectly! Because the skirt is long, if you decided to wear maxi skirts in the winter, just throw leggings underneath for more warmth! That’s exactly what I did. I thought it was going to be colder than it was, so I threw on light Forever 21 leggings underneath for more coverage, but it surprisingly wasn’t that cold. And the maxi skirt kept me warm already! If you’re as short as me, the skirt may go down to the floor like it did for me, but you can always alter it or pull it up higher. I personally don’t mind the skirt being that long on me because it didn’t necessarily hit the ground or dangled on it. It was passed my ankle but it wasn’t entirely too long, so I think it was a great length on me! I totally recommend this skirt.

My shirt is a lacey top from Charlotte Russe. I decided to wear white just to keep it simple and I really wanted my skirt to be the statement piece. I love the flared bell sleeves – I think it makes the outfit so much better, especially since it’s lace. Who doesn’t like lace?! The shirt is so comfortable and easy to tuck in. The sleeves of the shirt definitely make the outfit look great and I love how it’s not too long on me either. And I love how the shirt pushes up my boobs and makes me look like I have bigger boobs than I normally do! You can never go wrong with lace and florals, especially when the sleeves are flared. Flared sleeves make the outfit look so much cuter and chic! The quality is also great because it's not too thin but it's also not too thick. To be honest, I'm not wearing a bra (TMI) in these photos and the material was thick enough to cover my nipples (again TMI) so that's amazing! SIMILAR HERE.

I decided to wear camel/beige shoes because they match with every color. Because my skirt is already so colorful, I decided to wear a neutral color to tie it all in. They’re lace up flats from 599fashion and they were super comfortable to wear. Sure, taking it off was annoying because I had to untie my shoes and unzip my shoes, but the shoes definitely made my outfit cuter. I love beige/camel colors and it definitely looks good with my skirt and shirt. Beige/camel is such a great neutral color that looks good with any color and outfit. I think wearing beige shoes definitely puts the outfit together. You can see me styling these shoes again in THIS POST. SIMILAR HERE.

I decided to accessorize my outfit a little FOR ONCE. For those of you don't know this, I normally don't wear jewelry, but I'm trying to transition into wearing them since they do make outfits look 10 times better. My bracelets unfortunately were gifts from my supervisor, so I’ll link similar ones below. The colorful red one is definitely from Kohl’s but the shells/beachy-like bracelet may be from TJ Maxx. I wore the red colorful bracelet because it matched the red and pink on the maxi skirt! And the shells/beachy-like bracelet matched well with my shoes, so that’s how and why I chose these bracelets to wear!


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DISCLAIMER: Maxi skirt was gifted to me by SHEIN but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.

Click on the image to view and purchase the product!

Click on the image to view and purchase the product!

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