White On White

It was somewhat warm this day.

Deb’s Jacket (SIMILAR HERE) || Charlotte Russe button up (SIMILAR HERE) || Forever 21 CamI || H&M Pants || 599fashionboots (SIMILAR HERE)

It was a little chilly in the morning and then it got warmer throughout the day.

I don’t wear white too often because I get nervous about spilling something over it, but I decided to give it a chance. My white button up is a sleeveless see-through top, so I paired a white cami underneath to make it more appropriate for work. My cami is from Forever 21 and the sheer button up is from Charlotte Russe. It’s a really light weight shirt and it’s pretty sheer, so it doesn’t keep me warm. I threw it on for a more layered look. I like how light weight and basic it is. It’s easy for me to pair things up with it and can easily be altered or changed up for any other outfit. SIMILAR HERE.

My crop jacket is old. It’s from Deb’s. I’ve had this since high school and I’m surprised I can still fit it. I like the black and white look and decided to pair my sheer sleeveless top with a black and white jacket. I decided to wear a crop jacket for a layered look, because I personally think you don’t necessarily have to wear the same length of the jacket to make the outfit look nice. I like seeing how people style “layered looks” so I was definitely influenced by other bloggers to try this layered look out. I like how my sheer top hangs out and I like having the crop jacket over it for a more edgy look. And I adore the buttons on my jacket and the short sleeves. SIMILAR HERE.

My pants are high waisted and from H&M. A lot of my pants are either from Primark and H&M. You’ve probably already noticed that, but typically, these two stores are the only ones that fit me perfectly.

I, of course, paired this outfit with my black ankle boots. SIMILAR HERE.


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