Unique Shoulders

I love blazers with a unique shoulder.

Charlotte Russe blazer (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Button Down size 4 (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Pants || 599fashion flats (SIMILAR HERE)

I found this blazer at Charlotte Russe over 4 years ago. I saw it and was automatically obsessed with it. I love how the shoulders are just so different. I like wearing blazers with a shoulder pad in them but I also love blazers with a unique shoulder. The shoulders are “crunched up” and ruffled. I like how different they are. I’m used to blazers with a “flat” shoulder and this one has ruffled shoulders. I think it makes the outfit look more fun. And it makes the blazer just look so much more fun, unique and classy. I love the color of this blazer and how unique it is. It’s somewhat like a crop blazer because it is shorter than a lot of my regular shirts. The buttons are fake. They don’t help to button up my blazer. They’re just there for decorations. The sleeves are somewhat long. They go way past my wrists but I like them. It was a little chilly this day so I used the sleeves as a way to keep my hands warm. The material was soft. It wasn’t thick at all so I wore a coat over my outfit to keep me warm. But this outfit did keep me warm in the office. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

My button down is a size 4 in Loft. It is a little big on me, but it still somewhat fit me well. I love the stripes and more importantly, I love the colors of this blazer. I think the colors went perfectly with the blazer. The blazer is a grayish-chambray color and the button down consists of white, black, brown, and pink. These colors match the blazer perfectly. The sleeves are shorter than the blazer but that’s fine with me! I’m obsessed with stripes and I am just in love with this button down. I personally like this button down and blazer together. SIMILAR HERE.

My pants are from H&M. They’re low-rise and pretty tight. Thankfully, my button down was long enough to cover part of my butt, so it wasn’t too entirely inappropriate for work. I love that these pants outline my legs. They make me feel good. And I wore black to offset the gray and the white button down. Obsessed with these pants, but they are somewhat tight on my waist. They are really low-rise so I had to wear a cami underneath my button down and tuck it in so that way, when I bend down, nothing shows.

I wore white flats, as seen in THIS POST. I wore white to match with the button down and the blazer, because white, of course, matches with everything. I wanted my shoes to match with the button down so that’s why I wore white flats. SIMILAR HERE.


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