Little Green Skirt

Suede is the way to go.

Romwe skirt || Express top (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion vest || Fashionnova bracelet (SIMILAR HERE) || Fashionnova Choker (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion flats (SIMILAR HERE)

I’m been loving suede so much lately.

My green suede skirt is from Romwe! It’s super soft and comfortable. This skirt is in a size small and I love the pockets of the skirt. They’re big, roomy and keeps all of my items secured! I love how they’re so roomy and I can put all of my credit cards, keys, and even makeup in them and not have to worry about carrying a purse! I absolutely adore this skirt because it’s soft and thick! I don’t have to worry about my underwear line showing because the material is thick enough to cover it! I also love the strings. If you don’t like the strings, you can take it out but I think it makes the skirt look more complete. Also, if the skirt is loose, you can use the string to tie it tighter. The skirt was a little loose on me so I used the string to tie it tighter to make it appropriate and tight on me! And I adore it! The skirt isn’t too short but I wouldn’t wear this to an office setting. The material is great and so soft.

Also, shipping only took a week and half! I thought shipping was going to take a week, but no, just 6-8 business days. It came on the 8th business day so you can trust Romwe’s shipping status! I love this skirt and totally recommend it. I also adore the color. Who doesn’t love a dark military green? I’ve been obsessed with this color lately! You can purchase it HERE.

My top is a sleeveless crop top from Express. I love the stripes and think the white and black match perfectly with the skirt. I bought this top in an XS and it wasn’t tight on me at all. It fit me perfectly and it was so comfortable on me. I wore white with black stripes so that my skirt was the main statement piece. Wearing this top went perfectly with my outfit. Also, the top isn't too see-through. The material was pretty thick so I didn't have to worry about my top being see-through. SIMILAR HERE.

I wore 599fashion flats. They’re the same shoes from THIS POST. I wore black to match the black stripes and I think it went perfectly well with the outfit. I adore these shoes. They’re so comfortable to wear. The only problem I had was the zippers. Sometimes, they’re hard to zip up and down but other than that, the shoes are comfortable and great to wear with any outfit. These shoes are currently sold out but you can buy a similar one HERE.

It was a little chilly this day so I threw on this 599fashion vest on for more comfort. You’ve probably seen this vest from THIS POST but in a different color. I bought this in black because that’s how much I loved wearing the green one. It’s super soft. It’s thick but it kept me warm. I threw on this vest for more warmth but because I think it made the outfit look cuter. The vest totally makes the outfit more casual. The skirt was a little dressed up but I wanted to dress it down and make the outfit look more casual so I threw on this vest. I adore the vest and totally recommend everyone to have some sort of vest in their closet.

Lately, I’ve been wearing jewelry because I do think they make any outfit look cuter and better. I used to never wear jewelry. It's not that I hated wearing jewelry, I just hated putting them on and then taking them off. And I never really knew how to accessorize jewelry. However, I've been trying to transition into having jewelry in my every day outfits.

I’m obsessed with my choker from fashionnova. I wore silver to match the white crop top and I think it went perfectly with the outfit. I love the details of it and it just makes the outfit look nicer. It was easy putting the choker on and it was also so inexpensive, it was on sale! I also threw on this bracelet that’s attached to a ring from fashionnova (also known as a hand chain or a statement bracelet) because I’m starting to believe that jewelry really does make the outfit complete. Wearing this bracelet prevented my arm and hands from being plain and empty. It definitely gives my outfit a boost and makes it more complete. It prevents my outfit from looking too plain.

What jewelry do you guys normally wear with your outfits? And where do you normally purchase your jewelry?


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DISCLAIMER: Suede skirt was gifted to me by ROMWE but all opinions are of my own, and as always, completely honest.

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Click on the image to view and purchase the skirt.

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