Blue Maxi Dress

I don’t know about you guys but I wear a specific outfit on the plane and then (try to) change out of it after I land.

Blue Maxi Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Flip Flops (SIMILAR HERE) || Sunglasses

For the next two weeks, all of my posts will be about Miami. I went to Miami to celebrate my birthday with my sisters. We only stayed for a weekend but I fell in love with Miami, and I can’t wait to go back again! I hope you guys don't mind all of my Miami posts because I have a ton of outfits to show you! Can't wait for you all to see the posts. Make sure to subscribe and check out my posts every day for the next two weeks to see my Miami photos. :)

My maxi dress is from Wet Seal. Wet Seal closed down so I linked a few similar ones down below. I love this navy blue/black combination. I tend to shy away from maxi dresses because I’m so short and I just don’t have the time to keep altering them. Thankfully, this maxi dress wasn’t too long. It went to my ankle and plus, there are slits in both sides! I love maxi dresses with slits in them. I think it makes the outfit look better and who doesn’t like showing a little leg? It was freezing on the plane, so I did have a cardigan over. I didn’t think it was going to be cold on the plane, hence why I wore a maxi dress. But I decided to wear a maxi dress because it’s roomy, comfortable and soft. The material was soft and comfortable to wear. I did hold my dress up while walking, just because I didn’t want the dress to drag on the floor (even though it wasn’t THAT long). I think the color is great and maxi dresses are great for summer, especially for the heat in Miami.

I wore flip flops because I wanted to wear shoes that I can easily take off and put on. My feet were cold on the plane but I didn’t mind too much. I was burning up while I was in Miami anywhere. I didn’t want to wear sneakers or sandals because I wanted my feet to be free and roam around.

My sunglasses are from Coconut Lane, which is a UK based sunglass company. There will be an in depth post talking about them next week. But I am a brand ambassador for them. You can use my code “lindatran20” for 20% off on the entire site!

I wore my maxi dress for a couple hours after I landed but I immediately changed after we checked in to our hotel!

What do you guys wear on the plane?


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