Blue Romper

Rompers are my go-to for the summer.


Blue Romper (SIMILAR HERE) || Black Flats (SIMILAR HERE) || Raybans || Pink purse (SIMILAR HERE)

Aside from maxi dresses, I absolutely love rompers. I think the only thing about rompers that is annoying is when you have to take off your entire outfit just to pee. You have to get naked just to pee! But besides that, I absolutely adore them and love wearing them.

I am obsessed with my romper. I love florals so to combine rompers and florals together is the best outfit! My romper was a little loose on me. It wasn’t tight on my butt or my stomach. It’s low cut but not too low to the point that my boobs are showing. I love the different colors of my romper. Florals are amazing for summer and I’m just too obsessed with this outfit. I love that the blue is a dark shade and not too bright. I think it’s a great color on everyone.

I love my flats. I wore black too offset the blue since my entire romper is already blue enough. I didn’t want to wear too much blue on blue, so I wore black flats. They are lace up flats and I am so obsessed with them! Yes, it is annoying to tie it up but it is easy to untie and take off, though. It’s not too lacey but it does contain long laces that allow me to wrap the lace around my ankle a couple times. This was my first time wearing these flats so it did hurt my heel a little. My left heel ended up scraping and bleeding a little, but the shoes were still comfortable! I love lacey flats.

My sunglasses were a gift to me by my sister for my birthday. They’re raybans! I wore then to match with my black flats! I love that they can match with any outfit and raybans just look good on everyone! I love my gift. So thankful for this gift. I think everyone should own a pair of raybans! They're such great quality. There's a style for everyone. I think they're worth the investment.

My purse is pink and from Victoria’s Secret! They matched with the pink on my floral romper. Overall, I just love my outfit. Perfect for summer!


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