Camel Pants

Camel/Beige is one of my favorite colors.

White 599fashion flats (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Button Down (SIMILAR HERE) || Forever 21 trousers

When I saw these pants, I had to get them! The color just suits me. It doesn’t blend in with my skin. It’s a camel color that won’t make me look naked from afar. The color is great with my skin tone and I don’t have to worry about blending in or camouflaging with it. These pants are a size small in Forever 21. They weren’t tight on me at all. They fit me well and I had some room to breathe. They’re straight leg dress pants or trousers if you want. They’re actually not long on me whatsoever. They reached a little past my ankles but they didn’t shower my ankles entirely. I loved how it wasn’t too bag and it wasn’t tight whatsoever. My only problem was that it did outline my butt a LITTLE. It honestly wasn’t tight at all but my pants fell in the creek of my butt, almost like a wedgie or I was wearing a thong, so I kept thinking that my ass was completely outlined. But I went to the bathroom numerous times to check if my pants were inappropriate and they didn’t look or feel inappropriate. These photos kind of make them look like they are but they honestly weren’t. The back pockets are fake but they do have pockets in the front. I love the style of these pants – from the belt loops to the buttons to the color to how deep the pockets are. I’m obsessed with these pants!

I paired these pants up with a flowy, somewhat baggy button down. I purposely did that to show you how baggy button downs look with dress pants. I wear these kinds of outfits ALL THE TIME. So you’ve probably already seen a few outfits. I wore white so that my pants can be the statement piece. I’m just so obsessed with the color that I wanted my pants to stand out, hence why I wore white. The white button down is somewhat baggy. I couldn’t cleanly and neatly tuck in my shirt but that’s okay! I personally like the baggy look and my pants were a little loose for me to fit the baggy shirt anyway. If my pants were tighter, I probably would have worn a tighter button down, but for now, I’m in love with this shirt! The shirt is silky and soft. I have a cami underneath just for some more support in case my button down was see-through. The sleeves were a little long on my arms but that’s okay. I could’ve easily folded the sleeves but they weren’t a problem for me. They’re a size 4 in Loft which explains why they’re baggy on me. Similar here.

The shoes aren’t shown. They’re the white version of these shoes from THIS POST. I purposely made my shoes match with my top just so, again, my pants will stand out. Sometimes, all you need in an outfit is the perfect statement pants and these pants definitely made a statement! Love them so much. SIMILAR HERE.

How do you style camel pants?


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