Turtleneck Shirt

I used to hate wearing turtle necks but I’ve recently found a new love for it.

H&M Pants || Primark Turtle Neck Shirt (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

When I was younger, I used to think wearing turtle neck shirts was ugly and I always thought people were making fun of me. But lately, I’ve been transitioning into wearing them again and I’ve been seeing a lot of people wear them, too.

My shirt is from Primark in a size 4! I’m obsessed with this berry/maroon color. I think this color looks great on everyone. I love the material because it’s stretchy but also comfortable. It was cold this day (5/30) so I thought it was appropriate to wear this turtle neck shirt! The sleeves are long on me but pulling them back wasn’t a problem for me. You can also fold the sleeves too! I left my sleeves alone. I personally like long sleeves because when it gets cold, I’m able to hide my hand into my sleeves. The neck part of my shirt was comfortable and didn’t bother my neck whatsoever. It wasn’t itchy nor did it irritate my skin. Sometimes, I don’t like wearing turtle necks because it itches my neck but this shirt didn’t. I’m obsessed with the color and the fabric. I have a short torso so the shirt is pretty long on my body, but it was easy to tuck in my shirt to my pants. I also thought layering my necklace over my shirt made the outfit look ten times better instead of tucking my necklace in. It gives my outfit a more classy but chic look. I also love the buttons on the side of my sleeves. It makes the shirt less plain. SIMILAR HERE.

My pants are from H&M. They’re the same pants from this post! I was able to tuck in my shirt without it being too bulky. My pants are a size 4. I love how my pants outline my body but it’s also not too inappropriate for work. Although it outlined my body, it wasn’t skin tight on me and was totally appropriate for work. It’s not stretchy so it was a little tight on me, but I do love the zipper on the side. I love pants where the zipper is on the side of the pants. It’s just a weird preference that I like and I just think the zipper on the side makes the outfit look nicer. The length of the pants fit me perfectly too. I’m fairly short (5 feet) but I do have long legs for a “short person,” which is why my pants weren’t necessarily too long on me. It reached my heels and was the perfect length.

I’m wearing the same boots that I always wear. It was cold and foggy so I thought boots were appropriate for this weather. I didn't want to wear flats in case it got colder throughout the day. Also, these boots went perfectly with the turtle neck look! I wore black boots to match my pants so that my shirt stood out. I love having my turtleneck shirt as the statement piece.  SIMILAR HERE.

Do you wear turtle necks? How do you style them?


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