Two Piece Set

Lately, I’ve been loving two piece sets.

I’ve been obsessed with this two-piece set from Shein. It’s really thin – perfect for scorching hot weather. I was in New Orleans for the weekend and the humidity was hot and sticky. This lightweight two piece set helped to keep me from not burning up in my clothes. The material is very thin! My top was a little big on me but that’s because I have small boobs and my boobs just couldn’t fit the top. The shorts are really short but I didn’t mind. My buttcheeks weren’t showing or anything. And I love how loose the shorts are. They don’t outline my butt nor is it too tight on me. I love how flowy it is and I’m just obsessed with the print. It’s so pretty and perfect for the summer time! I am obsessed with this two piece set! You guys can buy your own here! The two piece set looks like a romper on me but that's because I already have a small frame/torso. I think the two piece set will look even lovelier on girls who are taller than me.

I wore flip flops to keep it casual and simple. I was doing a lot of walking and didn’t want to wear sneakers or sandals. I think flip flops are just easier to put on and wear.

My purse matched my outfit somewhat. I love small purses. It helps me to reduce what I need and don’t need and this purse is just so cute!

Sunglasses are from Raybans. They’re just stylish and make me look cool.

Do you guys wear two-piece sets?

Click on the photo to view the product!

Click on the photo to view the product!

DISCLAIMER: Two-piece set was gifted to me by Shein but all opinions are of my own, and as always, completely honest.