Denim Sweatpants

I normally don’t wear sweats or sneakers, but I’ve been trying to lately.

I never wear sweatpants, especially not in public. I normally just wear leggings or stretchy pants. But I saw these denim sweatpants and had to buy them! They’re not like regular jeans – they’re stretchy, soft and feel like sweatpants. I love the distressed look of these pants and I love how I can tie my pants to make them tighter. They don’t even look like sweatpants! At first glance, they look like denim jeans – they look like either boyfriend or girlfriend jeans or just baggy jeans. I wanted to branch more into denim and what better way than to wear denim sweatpants! They are super soft and comfortable to wear. Wearing them didn’t even feel like they were denim, so if you’re trying to transition into wearing denim – I totally recommend these denim sweatpants. You will love them!

I wanted to keep my outfit casual and sporty so I threw on a pink sleeveless striped top. I just tucked in my shirt and it made me feel athletic and casual. I was definitely trying something new and I’m so glad I did. To be honest, I absolutely loved my outfit and I loved the denim and sleeveless top together.

To make my outfit even more sporty/athletic/casual, I wore sneakers. For those of you who know me, you already know that I don’t really wear sneakers. I’ve been trying to transition into wearing sneakers, AS SEEN IN MY NEW ORLEANS POST. So I’ve been wearing sneakers more. Everybody has been noticing and asking, “Since when do you wear sneakers?!” I just want to branch out and try different styles and I think I pulled this laid back casual outfit off really well. I adore my outfit.

How do you guys style sneakers?

DISCLAIMER: Denim sweatpants was gifted to me by Romwe but all opinions are of my own, and as always, completely honest.