Color Block Tops

I am obsessed with the color pink.

I love color block shirts especially if it’s of pink. My color block shirt is white and pink – which I think is the perfect color combination. I think white and pink gives off a cute but chic look. My t-shirt is from Shein. This shirt is a little thick, which is great because you aren’t able to see my bra line underneath. It’s thick enough to cover it and it’s perfect for spring and summer. This shirt is appropriate for work. I work in a business casual office so I don’t necessarily need to be in a blazer every day. Everyone I work with usually wears a shirt or t-shirt, so I decided to dress casual this day. This shirt is appropriate for business-casual offices because the material is not see-through. It’s long enough to cover part of my butt! So if you’re wearing tight pants, this shirt can help to cover it up. This shirt is a statement piece and will probably make you stand out in the office. Sometimes, my colleagues wear mainly black, gray, blue, white and brown. Hardly anyone really wears pink so this definitely helped to make me stand out. I think color block shirts are great statement pieces. They’ll help you look cute, trendy and chic! This is perfect for summer. The little pocket makes the shirt look even better. I absolutely adore this shirt and I hope you love it just as much as I do.

My pants are in a beige color. I wore these pants numerous times already. I decided to pair my top with beige to continue with the light neutral colors. Beige matches perfectly with white and pink, and I just think this is the perfect color combination, especially for summer. My pants were a little bit too tight on me so I’m glad my shirt was able to cover parts of my butt. I absolutely adore these pants because the color is perfect! I try to wear mainly beige when I’m wearing white and pink so I can stick to the same color scheme. I think the outfit looks better with beige than black or gray. Beige is a better neutral color when pairing with white and pink.

I just wore my regular white flats that I always wear. I thought it was best to match the white part of my color block shirt, so that’s why I decided to wear white flats instead of pink. Because my shirt is already a statement itself, I decided to wear flats that matched the white part for a better contrast.

Also, my bracelets are from Pura Vida Bracelets. Use my code “lindatran20” for 20% off your entire purchase!

Do you guys like to wear color block shirts?

DISCLAIMER: Color block top was gifted to me by SHEIN but all opinions are of my own, and as always, completely honest.