Top Tips For Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

Before you decide to buy sterling silver jewellery online, you should familiarize yourself with a few terms that will ensure you make an educated decision.

Top Tips for Buying Silver Online

1.     Measurement Units

When shopping for sterling silver pieces online, you will see that width measurements tend to be noted in millimetres or inches. Keep a ruler handy so you can visualize the width of a given piece before you make a purchase.

2.     Look for a Marking

One of the most important tips for buying silver online is to ensure there is an authentic sterling silver hallmark of .925. The marking symbolizes the sterling silver content of the item, which is usually 92.5% pure silver with the rest being made up of alloy metals. Be sure to look out for the marking inside ring bands and on bracelet and necklace clasps. Usually, earrings will have the hallmark on the back of the butterfly.

Of course, sterling silver is less expensive than gold, which is why it is so versatile and accessible. Whether you are starting a collection, already have a large collection, or you’re looking for intricate pieces at great prices, we have a wide selection at Sterling silver usually comes in a huge array of designs, too, including gem stone recreations, simulated diamonds, and all sorts of other metal designs.

3.     Check out the Quality

Don’t get caught out buying cheaper knock offs that won’t last long and may lead to green skin and ear infections. Make sure you buy the best quality possible, which is sterling silver! If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. The quality will often be poor. Carefully check out the quality before making a purchase.

4.     Make Sure You Get the Right Fit

This isn’t only applicable to rings, but all sterling silver jewellery. A long hanging pendant on a smaller person will look too big, and an enormous bangle on a small wrist will just fall off. Also take into account the size of the person you may be shopping for to ensure you get the perfect piece.

5.     If in Doubt, Go for Something Classic

If you’re not sure what the recipient likes, go for something classic like timeless pieces such as rings or bangles with a simple setting and neutral stones.

6.     Check out the Online Retailer

Finally, it is very important when shopping for sterling silver pieces online to check out the retailer, especially if you are buying something based on an image and description on a website. It is important to do thorough research and buy from a reputable company that stands behind its services and products.

Sterling silver in by far one of the best ways to showcase your style and taste without breaking your budget. Besides, there’s hardly a better feeling than knowing you have gotten a fantastic deal from a very deserving online retailer who appreciates your custom.

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